Porsha Williams Still Unable To Film For ‘RHOA’ Inside Marital Home Amid Simon Guobadia Divorce

Porsha Williams Still Unable To Film For ‘RHOA’ Inside Marital Home Amid Simon Guobadia Divorce

Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers hoping for a peek inside Porsha Williams’ current residence this upcoming season might be disappointed.

A recent decision in the ongoing Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia divorce case has thrown a curveball into filming plans for RHOA season 16. According to legal documents obtained by RadarOnline, the judge has declined to intervene in the filming controversy for now. This means that despite Porsha Williams emergency request to film inside the house, the residence is still off-limits for Bravo cameras.

The order read,

“The parties raised the issue of whether the terms of the prenuptial agreement permits or prohibits filming/recording in the Marital Residence. As this matter was not formally noticed for an evidentiary hearing on the substantive issues surrounding the parties’ prenuptial agreement, the Court reserves those issues for later determination.”

And continued,

“As such, there has been no consideration of the terms of the prenuptial agreement and whether its provisions prohibit, or allow, filming in the marital residence of the parties. Therefore, there should be no reliance on the Court for enforcement of either party’s position regarding the same until after such time as the issue has been heard and ruled upon by Judge Charles Eaton, Jr.”

Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

This comes after Simon Guobadia sent a cease and desist order to Truly Original (RHOA’s production company) and Bravo, barring filming in the Sandy Springs mansion.

Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

The judge has stated that the issue of filming within the marital residence will not be addressed until a separate hearing regarding the couple’s prenuptial agreement takes place.

In the meantime, Porsha’s been given temporary exclusive use of the mansion while her ex is banned from entering the property without written consent from the reality TV star.

As we previously reported, Simon took to Instagram to allege that his children from previous relationships are facing homelessness due to his and Porsha’s divorce battle.

On May 21st, Simon took to Instagram, saying,

“All 3 kids currently displaced. I would like each and every one of you, especially those with kids, pray for me and my family. They deserve consideration as well.”

Despite vacating the mansion he formerly shared with Porsha, the court has ordered Simon to continue fulfilling his financial obligations. This includes covering the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and other expenses associated with the property.

With Simon denying camera access and the judge holding things up, it’s anyone’s guess if viewers will get a look inside Porsha’s “new palace.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan