The-Dream Says Rape, Battery, & Sex Trafficking Allegations He’s Facing In New Lawsuit Are ‘Untrue & Defamatory’

The Dream

The-Dream Says Rape, Battery, & Sex Trafficking Allegations He’s Facing In New Lawsuit Are ‘Untrue & Defamatory’

Music producer The-Dream has labeled the rape and battery allegations he’s facing as “untrue and defamatory.”

According to reports, Chanaaz Mangroe, 33, who makes music under the stage name Channii Monroe, filed a lawsuit against The-Dream today (June 4) in Los Angeles for rape, sexual battery, and sex trafficking. The lawsuit cites California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act, which allows alleged victims additional time to file lawsuits in cases with expired statutes of limitations.

Per the suit, The-Dream, 46, subjected Mangroe to an “abusive, violent, and manipulative relationship filled with physical assaults, violent sexual encounters, and horrific psychological manipulation.” Mangroe, who was working on an international visa in the US from the Netherlands, claims when she was 23 the famed producer’s associates contacted her via social media in 2014.

After sending over pieces of her work, Mangroe says she was invited to join Dream, real name Terius Adamu Ya Gesteelde-Diamant — and his team in Atlanta, and things soon became dark. Dream allegedly told his accuser he would extend her visa and “write blockbuster songs for her if she became part of his so-called ‘sanctuary,’ like he did for Beyoncé and Rihanna.” The suit also claims he said she would open for Beyoncé’s tour.


The lawsuit continues,

“In both Atlanta and Los Angeles, Dream used his age and influence in the industry to manipulate the young artist into believing that she needed him to be successful, and roped her into his world through false promises to gain Ms. Mangroe’s complete trust.”

Dream is specifically accused of forcing Mangroe to “drink excessive amounts of alcohol,” strangling her on multiple occasions “during violent sex,” and raping her “in the back of a renovated sprinter van.” Dream reportedly “controlled” every aspect of Mangroe’s life, so much so that he allegedly became “enraged” when he learned she was on birth control without his permission. The lawsuit says,

“When he discovered she was taking birth control, he became enraged because he believed it to be a sign of disrespect. She was forced to hide her birth control pills under a mattress.”

Dream has already denied the serious allegations in the suit. In a released statement he says,

“These claims are untrue and defamatory. I oppose all forms of harassment and have always strived to help people realize their career goals.”

He adds,

“As someone committed to making a positive impact on my fellow artists and the world at large, I am deeply offended and saddened by these accusations.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel