Pro Hockey Player Evander Kane Accused Of Choking Ex-Wife & Hitting Their Daughter In The Face


Pro Hockey Player Evander Kane Accused Of Choking Ex-Wife & Hitting Their Daughter In The Face

Anna Kane has once again taken to social media to allege abuse by her ex-husband, professional hockey player Evander Kane.

In a recent Instagram upload, Anna Kane shared multiple posts showcasing disturbing moments allegedly involving her then-husband, Evander Kane.

In one video, the couple can be heard arguing in what seems to be a baby nursery about the whereabouts of Anna Kane’s social security card. During the clip, Anna Kane suddenly lets out a scream and says:

“Get away from me! You hit the baby!”


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The jarring post is accompanied by a caption, which reads:

“I will never stop sharing the truth. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, this isn’t just happening to me it happens to parents everyday.”

Anna’s caption goes on to explain why she never pressed charges.

“Yes, I didn’t file charges because I was protecting him because I didn’t want my family falling apart. Pls do not be like me!! Do not let your abuser gain any advantage over you, they take your kindness as weakness, they are not like you, I was the perfect wife and mother until I asked him to stop gambling until I asked him to get help after he lost 30 million dollars he told me he ‘doesn’t have a problem’.

The caption concludes with a hint of foreshadowing, as Anna remarks,

“He ripped my daughter out of my arms and told me ‘you will never see your daughter ever again.’”

Anna and Evander Kane married in 2018. They tragically lost their first daughter, Eva, who was born prematurely, in March 2019. Their second daughter, Kensington Ava, was born in July 2020.

Evander and Anna Kane

During their marriage, they faced multiple public disputes and legal issues. Anna once accused Evander of gambling on NHL games and financial mismanagement. However, Evander denied these allegations, and they were ultimately unsubstantiated by the NHL.

The couple split in 2020, with Anna filing for divorce in July 2021.

Evander was granted sole custody of Kensington Ava in December 2021, while Anna was granted supervised visits. These visits were contingent upon Anna undergoing a mandated psychiatric evaluation. This decision followed Evander’s accusation that Anna had faked a pregnancy, to which she admitted, revealing she had also undergone an abortion.

A Santa Clara County judge declared Evander single in April 2022.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan