Chris Paul, Myles Garret, Evander Kane, & Elizabeth Cambage Pose Nude For ESPN’s Body Issue [PHOTOS] 

Chris Paul, Myles Garret, Evander Kane, & Elizabeth Cambage Pose Nude For ESPN’s Body Issue [PHOTOS] 

This year’s ‘ESPN Body’ issue have revealed their stars of the magazine which include NBA star, Chris Paul, NFL’er Myles Garret, Hockey star, Evander Kane, WNBA player, Elizabeth Cambage, and many more. In it’s 11th edition, the gallery of players from different professional sports, strip down to celebrate their different sizes, body shapes, and share their experience with being comfortable in their skin.

In Paul’s announcement of his feature, he shows his mental growth on his path to being more confident in his body,

“Man listen! It seems counter intuitive to think you would start feeling better in your body as you get older, but that’s EXACTLY the path I’m on!! 34, recently turned plant-based, and feeling pretty damn good! Stay disciplined and take care of yourselves, it all starts here.”

Yet, several of Paul’s friends blew right past his self-motivation, to hit the Thunder guard with a few jokes. From rapper Meek Mill, to former NBA player Carmelo Anthony, even activists Angela Rye took a moment to joke with Paul writing,

“Your entire a** is our, friend. The. Whole. THING!”

In Paul’s feature, he touched on what part of his body he is most proud of. He says,

“My abs. When I eat, that’s where the weight comes immediately. If I eat french fries, one or two, they go right there.”

While most talented African-American kids strive to be the next LeBron James or Russell Wilson, San Jose Sharks player, Evander Kane says black kids could give the game of hockey the boost it needs. Kane says,

“Saying hockey is for everybody is great, but specifically, getting more black kids involved in hockey is going to help grow the game.”

The left wing player says he gets lots of butt compliments,

“I’ve got a lot of compliments on my butt through the years. When you’re in a squat position on the ice and skating low to the ground your a** gets a workout, so I guess that’s one of the areas that looks good apparently.”

Other athletes feature include Cleveland Browns’ receiver, Myles Garret.

To add, the WNBA was represented by star player Elizabeth Cambage of the Las Vegas Aces.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette