Soulja Boy Seemingly Dispels Rumors That He’s Broke By Flaunting Million Dollar Deposit From Record Label

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Seemingly Dispels Rumors That He’s Broke By Flaunting Million Dollar Deposit From Record Label

Rap star Soulja Boy wants it to be known that he has money in the bank.

The 33-year-old, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, recently shared a few bank deposits with one of them totaling over $1 million, seemingly to prove that despite previous reports, he’s all good financially.

In one image, Soulja Boy shared a screenshot of alleged payments from his label Warner Chappell Music, who he reportedly signed with in 2019. One of the amounts from September 2023 totaled nearly $294,000, while another pending payment amounted to a little over $1 million. As a caption over the photo, the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper wrote:


A subsequent image pictured the Chicago native posing in a vehicle with a wad of cash in his lap, seemingly attempting to cement his insinuation that he’s financially well off. Though not mentioned, it seems Soulja’s lavish posts may be a delayed response to previous reports that suggested his finances were not so great.

If you recall, last year a court session reportedly revealed that as far as the court understood, the musician’s net worth was in the negative. At the time, Soulja was fighting a ruling that awarded his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers $472,000 ($236k in damages and another $236k in punitive damage), for allegedly kidnapping and pistol-whipping her.

The rapper argued against the punitive damages, claiming it was excessive. He also claimed that he couldn’t afford to pay it because of a $1 million tax lien, adding that he wasn’t bringing in as much income due to Covid stalling his bookings. Reportedly, a court judge deemed that his net worth was in the negatives, but stated that was only because Soulja refused to turn in all of his financial records. Thus, the judge decided that the victim’s original award ruling would remain in place.

At this time it’s unclear whether or not Myers has received all of the compensation owed to her. Neither she nor Soulja have spoken about the matter publicly recently. As we did report, however, she was authorized to begin seizing some of her ex’s assets back in October of last year.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson