Kanye West Responds To Ex-Assistant’s Sexual Harassment Claims, Says He Has Proof She Was The One Who Tried To Seduce Him & Blackmailed Him When He Declined

Kanye West, Lauren Pisciotta

Kanye West, Lauren Pisciotta

Kanye West Responds To Ex-Assistant’s Sexual Harassment Claims, Says He Has Proof She Was The One Who Tried To Seduce Him & Blackmailed Him When He Declined

Update (June 5, 2024): Kanye West, through his attorneys, has responded to the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta.

The 46-year-old rapper’s lawyers said in a statement to Page Six yesterday (Monday, June 4) that it was Lauren Pisciotta who tried to pursue

him sexually to coerce employment and other material benefits.”

She then allegedly blackmailed him when he refused her attempts, the statement claimed, adding,

“In response to these baseless allegations, Ye will be filing a lawsuit against Ms. Pisciotta. Prior to her termination as an assistant, Ms. Pisciotta stole his cell phone in an attempt to destroy phone records that would contradict her claims, all of which have been preserved.”

She was terminated for being unqualified, demanding unreasonable sums of money (including a $4 million annual salary) and numerous documented incidents of her lascivious, unhinged conduct.”

His lawyers added,

“Pisciotta offered Ye sex on his birthday to which he declined, sent Ye unsolicited nude images, sexual narratives and was seen twerking in the office during business hours.”

She allegedly proudly told him about an incident when she was,

“ejaculated on by a soccer player while simultaneously texting her boss.”

Lauren Pisciotta is accused of trying to seduce Kanye West in exchange for luxury items like a Lamborghini and a Hermès Birkin bag as well as plastic surgery.

His legal team said,

Upon having her advances rebuked, Pisciotta’s blackmail demands have gone from $60 million last year to $50 million in last week’s frivolous filing.”

They said her conduct is

“entirely inconsistent with someone who claims to have been sexually harassed or experienced a hostile work environment.”

Lastly, they alleged that Lauren Pisciotta used her job as Kanye West’s assistant,

“to seek material gains, clout, and employment through inappropriate means.”

Original Story (June 4, 2024):Kanye West is facing yet another legal matter.

The Grammy-winning rapper has been sued for sexual harassment by his former personal assistant, Lauren Pisciotta.

In her claim, Lauren Pisciotta said she previously brought in $1 million a year as an OnlyFans model, posting bikini and lingerie photos on the adult content platform.

According to Lauren Pisciotta, Kanye West hired her in 2021 while developing his fashion brand. Pisciotta said she also helped Kanye West with three tracks on his Donda album.

Kanye West

Pisciotta alleges that within one year of working for West, he urged her to delete on her OnlyFans profile and vowed to pay her $1 million a year if she did. Pisciotta says she obliged, noting that West wanted her to be “God like.”

After pressuring her to delete her account, Pisciotta says West started sending her sexual text messages like,

“See my problem is I be wanting to f*** but then after I f*** I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f***ed while I’m f***ing them. Then I want her to cheat on me …” 

Pisciotta says that isn’t even the most alarming text message that West allegedly sent. She claims in the lawsuit that he used very vulgar language to detail his sexual fantasies, including one that allegedly read,

“Is my d*** racist? It is. This f***ing racist d*** of mine. I going to beat this f***ing racist d*** for being f***ing racist. I’m going to stare at pictures of white woman with black asses and beat the s*** out of my racist d*** … Beating the s*** out of his big black c***.”

She alleges West often masturbated while they were on the phone together and asked if she could hear him. She alleges that he was obsessed with how well her boyfriends were physically endowed as well. He also allegedly sent her a series of graphic photos and videos, including two of him having intercourse with a model.

Later, Pisciotta was promoted to Chief of Staff and made $4 million.She was fired in October 2022, and West has yet to pay the $3 million severance he allegedly owes.

Along with sexual harassment, Pisciotta is suing West for hostile work environment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination.

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