Kanye West Slams Drake & J. Cole In ‘Like That’ Remix’: ‘I Can’t Even Think Of A Drake Line’

Kanye West, Drake, J. Cole

Kanye West Slams Drake & J. Cole In ‘Like That’ Remix’: ‘I Can’t Even Think Of A Drake Line’

Kanye West has officially entered the current rap beef chat.

Over the weekend the musician hopped on the remix of the record that started this era of hip-hop wars, unabashedly taking shots at both Drake and J. Cole.

Kanye West

Kanye West targeted his fellow musicians on a remix of Metro Boomin and Future’s “Like That.” If you recall the single from the collaborators’ recently released We Don’t Trust You featured a verse from Kendrick Lamar where the Compton native slammed both Drake and J. Cole, igniting the current rap battle. Adding his own two cents to the beef, Kanye West rapped:

“Y’all so out of sight, out of mind/ I can’t even think of a Drake line/ Play J. Cole, get the p***y dry/ Play this s— back 130 times.”

Before the line, it seems the Donda artist took specific issue with Drake by disparaging the Canadian musician’s well-known relationship with UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grange. As we covered back in 2022, it was reported that the “Hotline Bling” artist secured a $400 million deal with the record company, though the details of the agreement were not disclosed. Addressing the reports, Kanye West rapped:

“It’s a wrap for n**gas / Where Lucian serve your master n**ga / Copped a little bag for you masters n**ga / Lifetime deal I feel bad for n**gas”

West seems to have solidified his stance against Drake even further by posing for a picture with Metro Boomin. The two stood side by side in a photo recently uploaded to the producer’s Instagram page amid his personal back-and-forth exchanges with Drake.

He was notably wearing a Sean John tank top, which appeared to be a nod to his lyric,

“I just f*cked your b*tch in a Sean John tank top.”

Metro Boomin, Kanye West

With West entering the mix, the number of hip-hop stars targeting Drake continues to increase. As we’ve been covering, thus far Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, and The Weeknd have all been speculated to have subtly dissed the OVO founder in recent weeks, with Rick Ross making outright attacks at Drake that spilled over into a social media confrontation.

Drake nor J. Cole have responded to West’s diss yet.

Who do you think is winning this rap war so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Kay Johnson