Kanye West’s Former Manager ‘Bu’ Thiam Sued For Allegedly Attacking A Woman, Causing ‘Permanent Disability’

Kanye West, Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam

Kanye West’s Former Manager ‘Bu’ Thiam Sued For Allegedly Attacking A Woman, Causing ‘Permanent Disability’

The ex-manager of rap star Kanye West was recently hit with his own assault and battery lawsuit.

Weeks after his former client was named in a battery investigation, reports state that Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam is also facing allegations of excess violence, stemming from an incident that allegedly took place a couple of years ago.

Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam

Reportedly, Bu Thiam is being sued by a woman named London Knight who says he attacked her “on or about May 2nd, 2022.” In her filing, the plaintiff claims the two were at an event when Bu Thiam became enraged and attempted to take her phone, yelling:

“I don’t give a f*ck; you don’t know who I am.”

Bu Thiam, Kanye West

The woman’s allegations in the suit continue, stating she felt “startled” and “scared,” as she attempted to create space from Kanye West’s ex-manager and singer Akon’s brother by moving toward security. However, she alleges that Thiam proceeded to grab her arm and take her bag, causing harm that she argued was intentional and, as she claims, left her “disabled and may be disabled in the future.” Her lawyers reportedly argue in the suit:

“[Thiam] intended to cause and did cause a harmful contact,”

Bu Thiam, Akon

Adding that the alleged attack has left her suffering from:

“extreme mental anguish and physical pain,”

Knight is suing for compensatory damages, seeking to be awarded a settlement for “mental pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, lost wages and benefits, and emotional distress damages.” The report also points out that the alleged attack happened just a month after Thiam hit a huge career milestone. As we previously covered, the entertainment professional had just joined music giant Columbia Records as their executive vice president.

While it doesn’t appear Thiam has responded to the suit in court or publicly at this time, he’s now in a similar boat as his former client Kanye West. As we covered recently, the Donda artist was named a suspect in a police investigation, standing accused of assaulting a man who allegedly sexually harassed his wife Bianca Censori. Latest reports about the matter claim, however, that the case is headed towards being closed as those involved have reportedly not been cooperating with authorities.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson