Hunter Biden Found Guilty On 3 Felony Gun Charges, Facing Up To 25 Years In Prison

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden Found Guilty On 3 Felony Gun Charges, Facing Up To 25 Years In Prison

A decision in the felony gun case involving Hunter Biden has officially been made.

Reportedly, the 54-year-old was found guilty on all three charges stemming from a revolver he purchased in 2018 while allegedly addicted to drugs.

According to reports, a jury took 3 hours to deliberate before concluding that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden committed the non-violent crimes. The political figure was convicted of making a false statement in connection with the sale of a firearm, a false statement in a firearms transaction, and possessing a firearm while being a drug user or drug addict.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the charges in October of last year and was set to enter a plea deal with prosecutors until things ultimately fell through, leading to a trial and guilty verdict. The attorney was accused of lying on a firearm application around 6 years ago, claiming that he was not using nor addicted to any controlled substances at the time. Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, refuted his claims however, alleging in her testimony that she witnessed him smoke crack first thing every morning while they were together, and further alleged she saw him using weeks before he purchased the gun.

Hunter Biden

Reports note that Hunter is facing a maximum sentence of 25 years behind bars, though it’s speculated that he will likely serve little to no actual jail time as this is his first criminal conviction. Following the verdict, Hunter said in a statement:

“I’m more grateful today for the love and support I experienced this last week from [wife] Melissa, my family, my friends, and my community than I am disappointed by the outcome…Recovery is possible by the grace of God, and I am blessed to experience that gift one day at a time,”

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And his father Joe Biden added:

“So many families who have had loved ones battle addiction understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery….As I also said last week, I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal.”

Hunter’s sentencing is expected to come sometime in October.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson