President Joe Biden Applauds As Morehouse Valedictorian Calls For ‘Immediate Permanent Cease Fire In The Gaza Strip’

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Applauds As Morehouse Valedictorian Calls For ‘Immediate Permanent Cease Fire In The Gaza Strip’

Looks like President Joe Biden is in full support of a cease fire in Gaza.

The politician applauded the cause during Morehouse College’s recent graduation ceremony, as the school’s valedictorian championed for the end of the war.

Joe Biden

A circulating video clip of the moment showed Joe Biden clapping as the Atlanta university’s top achiever, Deangelo Fletcher, addressed Israel’s polarizing war in Gaza. The valedictorian stated during his speech:

“It is my stance as a Morehouse man, nah, as a human being, to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.”

Later in the ceremony, Joe Bidden took to the mic himself, assuring protestors and Americans across the country that he’s heard concerns about the nation’s involvement in the ongoing war. In case you’re unfamiliar, the 46th U.S. President has continued to receive criticism over his seemingly slow approach to take action against Israel for allegedly killing thousands of Palestinian residents who live on the Gaza strip in their efforts to eliminate the alleged terrorist group Hamas. If you recall, a fatal battle between Israel and Hamas began after the alleged terrorist group fired rockets into Israel back in October of last year.

Biden has previously called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop his assault on the Gaza strip, which he pointed out during his commencement addressed at the HBCU, stating:

“It’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that’s why I’ve called for an immediate ceasefire…I know it angers and frustrates many of you including in my family.” 


During a commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, President Biden said leadership is “doing what you believe is right even when it’s hard and lonely.” #biden #morehouse #israel #gaza #fypage #cnn

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However, reports state that some students didn’t appear to be moved by the President’s comments. A few of them reportedly turned their chairs around to show their continued protest of the country’s involvement in the war. Additionally, it’s reported that one graduate seemingly held up a Palestinian flag and another audience member reportedly stood and turned their back with their fist raised.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson