Rick Ross’ Ex Tia Kemp Has Heated Exchange w/ YouTuber Charleston White After He Calls Her A ‘Horrible Black Mother’

Rick Ross, Tia Kemp, Charleston White

Rick Ross’ Ex Tia Kemp Has Heated Exchange w/ YouTuber Charleston White After He Calls Her A ‘Horrible Black Mother’

Tia Kemp has the internet buzzing after slamming Charleston White for comments made about her parenting.

The back-and-forth between the media personalities began today (June 24) after Charleston White posted a video to Instagram blasting Tia Kemp for publicly shaming her son’s father, rapper Rick Ross.

Charleston White

In case you didn’t know, Rick Ross and his ex Tia Kemp haven’t had the best relationship, with both throwing low blows at the other from time to time on social media.

Rick Ross, Tia Kemp

In the upload shared by the controversial YouTuber, Charleston White spoke on Tia Kemp criticizing Rick Ross online and said,

“The things that you say about your children’s father or your children’s mother, you picked them.”

He added,

“You laid down with that person. So as you talk about your children’s mother or father, you’re actually talking about your children because you have the same chromosomes.”

In the caption of the post, White noted,

“[Tia Kemp] is a horrible Black mother, her public words towards her sons father, affect the child! This is one of the main reasons I chose not to have a child with a Black woman! She’s emasculating her male son by publicly shaming the father of her son! She’s a disgrace as a Black mother.”

Tia Kemp

White continued with another post claiming he declined to appear as a guest on Kemp’s talk show series. He said,

“@tia_kemp2 tried to book me for an interview 4 weeks ago, I rejected the rotten b*tch and @thezeusnetwork, ‘I Ain’t Doing Sh*t with them sour hearted b*tch*s’ was my exact response to their producer” 

Known for her jabs in the media, it didn’t take long for Kemp to swiftly respond to White’s rant. The mother of Ross’ oldest child took to her Instagram Story and wrote,

“Oh ya cock eyed ahhh done unfollowed me now huh and i can’t mention u, d*ck rider!!”

In another upload, White appeared to respond to Kemp with a now-removed photo of her and Ross’ 18-year-old son. He captioned the post,

“Don’t Block me now, this can get really ugly @tia_kemp2”

Kemp debunked the claims that she blocked White, however, he took it a step even further with another clip vocalizing his opinion on the Aunt Tea podcast host.

In a heated video, Kemp responded to White’s criticism with,

“Aye Charleston White, the way I’m finna line yo bull winkle cock-eyed *ss up dog on YouTube, you gone wish you ain’t mention my m*th*f*ck*ng name f*ck boy. Listen here b*tch n*gg*, I said what the f*ck I said and I’m calling a spade a spade just like yo b*tch *ss do p*ssy.”


While stating that he won’t involve Ross nor his son William Roberts III in the matter, White wrapped his posts by seemingly imitating Kemp with photo uploads of horse teeth. In one post he wrote,

“@tia_kemp2 William please tell your mom, this is what we see when she licks her toilet teeth”

In another post, White added,

“Dear William Jr,

She should be mad at that dentist like she mad at your daddy”

Despite Kemp sharing uploads of her own, multiple posts were ultimately taken down by Instagram after the content was reported to the platform.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely