Wack 100 Pays Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis’ Bail, Judge Declines To Release Him

Duane Keefe D Davis, Wack 100, Tupac Shakur

Wack 100 Pays Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis’ Bail, Judge Declines To Release Him

 Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis remains behind bars, despite recently making bail.

A judge reportedly denied Wack 100s attempt to pay the Tupac Shakur murder suspect’s $750,000 bond, citing concern about the source of the money.

Keefe D, Tupac Shakur

Reports state that Wack 100, real name Cash Jones, advocated for Keefe D’s release during a hearing on Tuesday (June 25th) via Zoom. After posting $112,500 towards the bail (15%), which Wack 100 says was sourced from his company 100 Entertainment, the music manager claimed he offered the money as a “gift.”

When asked about his relationship with Keefe D, he added:

“I know him from passing. I know his son. We sat down and talked a few times in general about personal things when he was having his bout with cancer. Personal things, industry stuff. Just regular conversation.”

He continued:

“He’s always been a monumental guy in our community…And I’ve helped several people in our community, whether it was funerals, whether it was for bail.”

However, a court judge ultimately ruled in favor of the prosecution, who successfully argued that Wack 100 only wanted to help Keefe D’s release for monetary gain. Reportedly, prosecutors played an interview the music professional recently did where he verbalized his intention to bail out Keefe D so that he could produce some kind of series with him.

Wack 100

Barring Keefe D from profiting from the case, the judge denied the request for immediate release. As we’ve been covering, Keefe D was first detained back in September of last year following a police raid on his home. He’s accused of orchestrating and being present during the 1996 Las Vegas shooting that claimed Tupac Shakur’s life. His nephew, Orlando Anderson, who was killed in 1998, is suspected to have been the trigger man, and the shooting is suspected of being retaliation for Tupac allegedly jumping Anderson a couple of weeks prior.

Keefe D is presently charged with murder with the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further, or assist a criminal street gang.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson