Jersey Shore Spin-Off:::"Jerseylicious"

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Well, well, well…what do we have here? The Style Network has joined the world of reality shows with…drumroll please—Jerseylicious. The show features hair stylists at the local Gatsby Salon, where “big hair meets even bigger personalities.”

Before you pre-judge these gals, hear why you should tune in:  “People shouldn’t prejudge ‘Jersey-licious’ by Jersey stereotypes,” said Sharpe. “I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised by it. Jersey Shore’ was all young kids, but this ranges from 22-year-olds all the way up. It’s for people of all ages because it’s not like 52-year-olds aren’t getting drunk and fist-pumping at the club.”

Oh, wait and here’s an even better quote from one of the stars of the show: “Real Jersey girls are a lot more fashion-forward,” Sharpe tells The News. “Those girls were in their sweatpants all the time, their hair wasn’t done, their makeup wasn’t done. We’re a lot more flashy.”

Premieres Sunday, March 21 @ 10/9c <<==you tune in and be the judge!