Jay-Z On Lebron

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Peep excerpts of Stephen Smith interviewing Jay-Z….(interview took place on Thursday).

Stephen A. Smith: “I’m wondering right now, Jay-Z, if this man (LeBron James) and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and when you talk about the frustration that he must be feeling…I mean, forget Jay-Z for a second, you’re the basketball figure, you’re the guy that I’ve talked to for years who knows basketball. Is it teammates not stepping up, is it the head coach not doing what he’s supposed to be doing, is it Boston’s defense? Knowing basketball the way that you do, combined with knowing LeBron James the way that you do, what is the most frustrating element out there that some of us might not be seeing?”
Jay-Z: “I think, you know, arguing, like taking all labels, Jay-Z and Stephen A. Smith and the same way we always talk and argue anytime we see each other, the first thing I would say is never really underestimate the heart of a champion. Like, Boston just won the championship two years ago, and it was a great story for everybody to dismiss them as old and just say this is going to be an easy series. I think LeBron and the Cavs know from the beginning, because they’re basketball players, they’re not into, you know, media sensation. They knew this was going to be a war and a tough series. I think Boston got healthy at the right time, and the fact that a lot of them were out a lot of the year, it helped them, it kind of worked in their favor because a lot of them rested…you know, they’re rested and they’re healthy at the right time. And this is the champion two years, just two ago. So, it’s not like a 16-seed, this is a real team, and Rondo is playing like Nate Archibald, or somebody. (Laughs) Who is this guy, man?”

Here for the full interview. Source, Nah Right.