[WATCH] Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5, Episode 8

Written by thejasminebrand in Videos
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Sunday evening, THEE longest reality TV trip ever ended, in Anguilla, on the Real Housewives of Atlanta ended.

Highlights (which are part sad and part entertaining) from episode 8 include: Kenya and Walter’s relationship (which sorta-kinda included Kenya pressuring her fake boyfriend) climaxes, NeNe rides a horse, the Porscha vs Kenya argument sorta-kinda dies down (but not really) + NeNe and Kandi seem to make peace. If I haven’t already ruined it for you, watch the full episode below.

  • Atl aka Comedy central!!!. Thnx Jasmine for posting up these episodes. i always come here to caught up on Sundays i missed. :)

  • Sabrina

    Cynthia is such a pot stirrer. Phaedra is afraid to say anything about anyone because she needs a friend. Khandi is the only person that seems to be above all the pettiness. Kenya needs to take her fake life (did not buy her house) and fake boyfriend and just go away. She failed to be relevant and Bravo is going to continue to make fun of her (see fake wedding they posted). She looks so stupid.

  • cocoandcurls

    Ohhh rhoa is my guilty secret and I am glad to come across your website. Please keep it coming.
    KENYA- is a little immature/insecure with regards to her approach to relationships and handling debates and disappointments. Kandi – well rounded person. NeNe – She is good at stirring and talking. The others are much the same – low key and not very smart.

  • shanika

    Wha tha? wha tha hell is wrong with Kenya?How you just gonna assume youre about to get married.Heck i knew that when her so called man coughed on the beach after she mentioned eloping

  • I am for posting up these episodes I always come here to caught up some of that I missed

  • donna

    Thanks for the uploads

  • jane

    I spent the whole day watching all these episodes.Thanks so much for sharing these videos. Really appreciated!

    • Good to know y’all watch them…I was thinking of no longer putting them up.

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