Sherri Shepherd Clowns Her Baby Daddy [VIDEO]

Sherri Shepherd Clowns Her Baby Daddy [VIDEO]

Comedian Sherri Shepherd shared an hilarious reaction after speaking with her son’s father on Monday (Oct. 7th). In the video, Sherri completely unleashes some built up frustration captioning a social media video:

“My mood after dealing w my son’s father.”

The 52-year-old comic added the hashtag,


She was previously married to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010 and they share a son together. As previously reported, Sherri spoke candidly about being a single mom and paying child support.

Sherri Shepherd & ex husband Lamar Salley (circa 2010)

Sherri wrote on social media,

So much transition in my life I feel like my head is spinning… everything seems a little off… a lot of no’s being thrown my way… being told I am a “tough sell”… raising my very moody teenage son by myself… (if you see his dad tell him his son’s mother needs a little help)… child support payments to two baby daddies… gotta stay employed bc if I don’t the entire house of cards will collapse… family far away… needed by many and only able to help a few… always hustling… I never stop grinding… always making you laugh but sometimes behind the smile… holding onto the promises of #jesus for dear life… taking my pain and making it funny at a comedy club… so thankful for friends that are holding me down bc at this moment I am careening.

She continued,

If you had told me last year that working out would help my mind, I would’ve laughed hysterically – but it’s true… working out takes me to a peaceful place. But even in the midst of uncertainty I know that God is in control. Just have to breathe … mood… #tired #singlemommingsucks #jesustakethewheel and even in the midst of this mental mind depression, I’ll get a hundred requests for someone wanting to do graphics and my next animation artwork & cartoon illustrations ?? #youcantbreakme #onlyforaseason #godwontgiveyoumorethanyoucanhandle #weepingmayendureforanightbutjoycomesinthemorning AND I CANT EAT CHEESECAKE OR PEACH COBBLER OR CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! Gotta go thru all these emotions raw!

She married her second husband, TV writer Lamar Sally in 2011. They split in 2014 and were involved in a nasty battle over surrogacy. In 2015, a court ruled Shepherd is the legal parent of a child born from a surrogate mother.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette