Adrienne Bosh Is Having ‘The Worst Week Ever’

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adrienne bosh-short stacks-lil wayne-the jasmine brand

Since the ‘incident‘ happened, we’ve tried our best to stay away from the mud-slinging and card pulling media buzz, surrounding Adrienne Bosh, the wife of Miami Heat’s Christopher Bosh. We decided against chiming in, because honestly, we felt a little bad for her. I know, I know, it’s totally not our place and it’s contradictory for us, frankly. We report positive and negative stories on basketball wives (well, actually the reality stars) and even have defended Kim Kardashian (and caught a quite of heat, might I add) but we couldn’t continue to ignore the fact that Adrienne appears to be having the ‘Worst Week Ever’.

adrienne bosh-worst week ever-the jasmine brand

If you’re totally clueless as to what went down, here’s the quick and dirty:

Lil Wayne is not a fan of the Miami Heat nor the NBA these days (he’s been removed from a game or two). During the NBA All-Star Weekend, he was at a party, a bit peeved and did a rant of sorts, taking shots at the Miami Heat, D.Wade, LeBron James, etc. No big deal, right? He ended his rant with:

Chris Bosh, I F****d your wife!

Immediately, people took sides. Some called Wayne a liar and immature for his outburst. While others took Adrienne’s side. And while oftentimes, these sort of things die down, hell it’s been almost a week, this story grew legs. Grew legs in the sense that, folk (*raises hand*) started researching who Adrienne Bosh was, before jumping the broom and landing herself a handsome NBA baller. And what we found wasn’t really surprising to us or people that are in the ‘inner circle’ per se, but it was d*mn sure surprising to everyone else.

adrienne bosh-short stacks-worst week ever-the jasmine brand

Here’s what we ALLEGEDLY know about Adrienne, which may not be 100% factual:

  • She use to be a video or urban model of sorts, going by the name ‘Short Stacks’. She was featured in ‘Smooth’ and a few other urban mags. 
  • She was romantically involved with Lil Wayne. Allegedly, she conned him out of $10K, telling him that she was suffering from cancer and needed treatment. She took his money and sorta-kinda vanished. 
  • In her younger years, she worked at a few strip clubs. She was also known on the party scene and was often spotted in V.I.P. with well-known entertainment industry men, along with a few professional athletes. 
  • Rapper Cam’Ron claims that she was his homeboy’s ‘jump-off’
  • She met her husband, Chris, working at a Miami club. 

So, what does this all mean?

adrienne bosh-short stacks-lil wayne-camron-the jasmine brand

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some say that the Ohio native is just a former club hopper that’s turned her life around, maturing into a mature woman, happily married. Other’s say her entire goal was to snag a rich man, either in the league or in the streets. Whatever the case, unfortunately her past caught up to the world wide web. To date, she hasn’t released an official statement, outside of some subliminal messages on social media sites. But what are YOUR thoughts? Is she simply a victim of a famous rapper kissing and telling? Or is she entirely to blame? And should she speak out and confirm or deny all of the allegations being spread about her? Lastly, don’t we all have a past? 


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  • ChoclateFox

    Fortunately, we all do have a past that we can reflect on, learn and grow from the lessons. However, there are some people regardless whether your past was good or bad or mediocre will never let you live it down. They will carry your baggage/luggage to wherever they travel, but lose their’s along the way. And will refuse to make a baggage claim to the lost and found to go pick their’s up. Therefore, they will just selectively replace what they want to be in their new baggage, while leaving the rest behind.

  • Miss AG

    Well, lets hope Chris knew at least some of this cause of course no one tells everything…wayne the rat excluded….hope its not as bad as ppl are making it seem but they better not let the rat# ruin then. He is such a b!+©#

  • m&m

    thank you for finally posting this! We need you to stay on top of all the down and dirty. It’s not personal, its just the territory. I personally don’t give 2 cents, but I had been hearing form other outlets about this sorted past, now that its on “the jasmine brand” i guess it’s official. lol (next time, don’t make us wait! just spill the beans!)