[Video] Lil Wayne Takes Shots At NBA Baller Christopher Bosh’s Wife: ‘I Banged Your Wife’

lil wayne alleges sleeping with-christopher boshs wife-the jasmine brand

Who says women gossip more than men? And what’s worse than a man that gossips? A man that kisses and tells. According to Lil Wayne, he has been intimate with Adrianne Bosh, the wife of NBA Baller Christopher Bosh. After having one too man drinks, All-Star weekend, the 30-year-old New Orleans native hopped on the mic, giving club-goers a rant of sorts on the mic, yelling:

“If you’re wondering why you didn’t see me at the All Star Game. It’s because I was banned from attending all NBA events. The Miami Heat got me banned. F*** NBA! F*** NBA! F*** Lebron! F*** SheWade! F*** Chris Bosh! And I f***ed Chris Bosh wife!”

And here’s the clip.

Yikes. What do you think about Lil Wayne’s claims? Inappropriate, unbelievable or simply funny? Check the full story at Baller Alert.