Lil Kim Says Media Photoshopped Her Face & Is Trying To Sabotage Her Image

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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If you’ve seen a dramatic change in the way rapper Lil Kim’s face looks lately, it may not be what you think. This week, the Queen Bee was spotted in NYC, promoting her new artist, Tiffany Foxx. In some of the photos, her face does seem a bit different. And while most of assumed that he either Kim had put on some weight, others implied that she had some plastic surgery done. Lil Kim says that neither is to blame in the difference of her appearance. In fact, she says that either a photog or someone w/in the media has photoshopped her face heavily. In anger, she took to twitter writing:

Years & years they have been photoshopping pics of me & sabotaging my image. I’m not putting up with that sh*t no more. All they have been proving is im THAT b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones. Today was the last straw. You saw me on TV, people were posting pics all day… None of them looked the way that fake picture looked. Here is a side by side that shows the sh*t they did & a few more raw, unedited pics. You guys f*cked it up for all the Paps. F*ck outta here. None of y’all Paps is getting a pic now.

She ended her rant with posting a number of new photos, displaying that in fact her face does look different than what appeared on ‘the blog’s this week. What are your thoughts? Do you see the difference? And do you blame photoshop tricker or is Kimmy in denial about plastic surgery? 

  • roya

    Total denial! They look the same. . One is just giving you the sideview of the disaster! What happened is she finally looked at her pics and realized she did too [email protected]$! much!

  • ChoclateFox

    Not a Lil Kim fan perse’; However, she is correct if you go through her pics she posted on twitter, the picture has been altered, regardless of how much she has butchered her face. It is not fat like that.

  • Denise

    At this point, no one really knows what she looks like – not the ‘Paps’, not me, not even her!

    • Diggzy

      Coming from the person who ACTUALLY took the photo on the right ( Yes a real Paparazzi) there was no photoshop done to these photos, frankly because there was no need. They were brightened up to avoid any unflattering shadows, but that is all. Lil Kim Really looks like that, which is a shame

  • Keesha

    Is one of the photos above supposed to be a raw untouched photo? She looks Asian in both pics.