Lil Kim Gets Furry in NYC + Deion Takes Twitter Shots, After Returning to Court With Pilar Sanders

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I’m sure their skin was crawling when PETA saw this. Promoting her new artist, Tiffany Foxx, at Rap Fix Live, Lil Kim was spotted rocking a knee-length fur in NYC.

lil kim-rap fix 2013-b-the jasmine brand


And in more serious news, the court-room battle between Deion and Pilar Sanders continues. This week, the estranged couple duked it out in court, over the custody of their three children. News One reports that both parties gave compelling statements in court.


deion sanders-pilar sanders-custody court battle 2013-the jasmine brand

Deion told the court room:

 “I have my boys on a daily basis. My daughter’s with me all the time. They go back and forth whenever they want, that’s the way I am. If you want to spend time with your mom, let’s do it.”

While Pilar:

 ”I love my babies. I’ve done everything for them and with them and anything to keep them happy and doing very well in all they do. I’m mommy.”

Outside of court, Deion told NBC 5:

”She only gets a million dollars in the pre-nup. They’ve exhausted her to the end. She’s not smart enough to see that. The fight for the kids, it’s not about the kids. It’s about the money.”

And threw a few tweets into the universe, writing:

She is on the stand we will cross her n catch her in a multitude of lies and she will fake cry and act. It will be good trust me. With so many things being thrown at YOU in life WE must have Patience,Timing, Consistency,Endurance,Faith n the Ability 2 Walk Away! #TRUTH

Ouch. I guess we’ll hafta wait and see how this plays out in court…and on twitter.