[Video] ‘Married To Medicine’s’ Quad Talks Plans for Hollywood, Least Favorite Moment On Reality TV + Gets Emotional About Friendship With Mariah Huq

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Hands down, Quad Webb-Lunceford (one of the freshest faces on reality TV) has become one of the breakout stars of Bravo’s Married To Medicine. Coining soon-to be classic phrases like ‘catch fire’ and ‘shady boots’, this southern bred diva proves there is more than meets the eye. Recently, the Memphis native sat down with theJasmineBrand.com, dishing on the REAL reason she opted for reality TV, what her least proud moments on the show thus far, comparisons to Tamar Braxton and her BFF, Mariah Huq. Peep excerpts from the interview below.


On the real motivation behind reality TV:  

For me, I just looked at the greater platform it would give me. Ultimately I would like to be an actress, to get into some scripted writing – not off the cuff reality, scripted. So I saw this as a stepping stone as possibly getting me there and then opening up many different avenues for entrepreneurship, writing my book – I’m currently writing my book, which is going to be hilarious.

On if she feels famous yet: 

You know it’s so weird, I’m still Quad. It’s really funny that you say that. I had this girl, I know she was every bit of 26 or 27 and she was literally in tears crying like ‘oh my God, oh my God’ and I was like ‘What’s wrong? Are you okay?’ and I was like is Michael Jackson behind me, or is Oprah behind me? Because at some point I have to turn around and start crying too. And it was me.

On why she’s so proud of her best friend, Mariah: 

I’m gonna say this. I get emotional because I know it’s hard. It’s hard for us overall. But a black female. You see that. So I’m really happy that God blessed her with the vision and she in turn blessed me with the opportunity.

On her least proud moment, watching herself on TV: 

So it was the profanity I used. I was very much so upset. I’m a nice person. That’s not what I at least wanted people to see of me first. That’s like my least favorite thing. Because I was definitely taken back by the behavior of my cast mates. I’ve had lunched with these women, dined with these women and although we weren’t close friends, I would consider them associates.


On how her husband feels about the show: 

Initially when we got in this, he had some reservations. He really did. But as we talked about it and talked things through and came to an agreement, ever since then he’s been totally supportive. And I really appreciate that.

On if other reality stars, outside of the ‘Married to Medicine’ cast, have been supportive:  

Yeah, we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback and a lot of support, especially the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And we’re very grateful for that.

On Being Compared To Tamar Braxton: 

You know, there might be some similarities but we’re still really different people. I love her personality. Give me someone who’s over the top. And I will live for them. I see sometimes where she’s kinda loud and I would say I’m loud too. But I see her heart. She has a really great heart. She’s a very ambitious woman and she thrives to make her mark in life and I love that. I love to see that.


On her favorite ‘thing’ about Mariah: 

It’s so much. I love the business part of Mariah. She’s very, very savvy and has strong business acumen and I love that about her. In terms of our personal relationship, she takes care of me. We take care of each other. I don’t like when people come up against her. We do understand how hard it is to come into a situation as friends and to leave as friends. Because it’s kinda like taboo is “we really want to see them fall apart?” People want to see that. Our goal, we came in together we’re going to leave together.

Describing Her Cast Members In One Word:

Dr. Jackie:





She doesn’t have an identity, Kinda confused, lost.



Dr. Simone:

Down to earth

Peep the entire interview below.

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  • Page

    I don’t like her

    • wrokat

      Quad and Mariah are like a very, very tiny bug … with one very tiny brain that they share.

  • TP

    I know Quad personally and she is a very sweet person inside and out! The way she is on reality IS her reality!
    Loves it!! Team Quad!!!

    • DIVA

      I also like Quad she seems like she is just very real and some people have a hard time taking people that are real or speak they mind. Some people just like fake people like Kari. So TP keep Quad as a friend and keep supporting her because if I was in the ATL Quad would be a friend of mine as well because she is the kind of person that I like being around.
      Team Quad! :)

  • Anonymous

    After watching the show several times, I realized that many of audiences do not know how to connect with realness. Kari – fake as hell. You can tell she is pretentious, and after the show should reconsider getting those lips redone. Toya – she is delusional and a bit stupid. She might want to think twice about her behavior, might cause her husband file for bankruptcy. She isn’t has smart as she thinks. Dr. Jackie – makes some great points. But she imposed her thoughts and beliefs on everyone or that everyone knows proper etiquette. Dr. Simone – very hilarious and have a great sense of humor. But she needs to be careful of the audiences’ view of her with the alcohol. Quad – She is my favorite on the show. She is real, but she does not want any misconception about her personality. Sometime, she should think before she open her mouth. Mariah – hahaha…..total diva. She is honest, but I think she has to think about her actions and the things she says as well. She is my second favorite personality on the show.

  • Yolanda

    I think Mariah needs to grow up. She so concerned about ppl bringing her daughter up, but she used her own daughter in a GROWN-UP feud! And Quad just co-signs her friend on everything. If Mariah don’t care about Tonya I sure can’t tell. She always talking about her and making jokes. That because she jealous and don’t like her. She don’t even try to act mature and fix stuff. She just act like a mad kid and her little Quad just laughs and co-signs.

    • Yolanda

      Lol, I meant Toya.

  • Lacey

    Quad needs to take a seat. She’s annoying.

  • Denise

    Mariah is an ass and phony. Quad is on point but she needs to live Mariah’ s ghetto ass alone. Toya I like I think Mariah is jealous of her. Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone are funny I like them too they are very mature. Dr. Simone should tone down the drinking. Kari is ok she does not live in the real world. I think the should would be great if they got Mariah’ s crazy ass off of it. Her mother looks like a Monkey, She is ugly as hell….Yuck. Who every laid down with her was mad at their stuff.