Married to Medicine’s Cast Take Twitter Shots After Ball Gown Brawl

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Sunday night, the dust settled, after Married to Medicine’s ball room brawl. If you’ve followed BRAVO’s newest show, you may have been a bit surprised with with the fight that went down between Toya Bush and Mariah Huq. And while we certainly can’t take sides, we can’t help but be entertained by the twitter and blog shots from the cast members. Peep a few of our favorites below.

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Meanwhile, both Toya and Mariah have taken to their Bravo blogs, to give their point of view. After Sunday’s episode, Toya wrote that the fight was in fact, self defense:

Please don’t misunderstand, I acted in self-defense! As you can see in the episode, I asked Mariah to be respectful and not touch me, but matters still got elevated. I am so disgusted with people talking about who won the fight. NO ONE did, we both looked silly, especially, because we are mothers. Mothers who should be beautiful examples for our children to follow and learn from. I am not perfect — I make mistakes. I was raised to be a Christian, a lady, and to stand up for myself without raising my fist. Thank you to the family, friends, Bravo viewers, and Twitter peeps who support me, know me, and pray for me. I can’t say I won’t let you down in the future, but I will say, I won’t let not another person take me to a place of such ignorance.

And Mariah says that she is remorseful for the physical altercation. Peep an excerpt of her blog post:

Despite anyone’s beliefs, I AM remorseful and deeply regret how I acted. As a mother, it’s hard at times to remain objective when your child is involved. I think it’s hard for anyone without kids to truly understand that when your child hurts, that you do as well. But, I’m not going to let that one incident define me or defeat me. My vision for Married To Medicine was and continues to be a desire to show a different side of life in Atlanta. Successful young families who live, work, and play in the medical world. I didn’t work on this project for the last few years to create another reality show based on negative stereotypes. Although I am one of the producers, I don’t make the final decision on creative content, contrary to popular opinion. But never doubt that I’m behind-the-scenes trying to portray Atlanta women in a positive light. Southern women may occasionally stumble, but rest assured that we know how to pick ourselves up and RISE!