[INTERVIEW] Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Talk ‘Ride Along’, Chocolate Droppa & Questions For God

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For the first time, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are sharing the big screen together in their latest film, ‘Ride Along’.

theJasmineBRAND.com chatted with the two, weeks before the premiere, chatting with them about how chemistry on and off-camera helped create the film, if Chocolate Droppa (Hart’s alter ego) has big screen plans and what the stars are DYING to ask God. Watch the conversation below.

Jasmine BRAND: So what were your initial thoughts when you read the script for the first time?

Ice Cube: My thought was if they could get somebody funny to play next to me in this movie, it’ll be good. That’s what I thought.

Kevin: My thoughts were…this movie has the potential to make me a sex symbol. Instantly. I thought about it instantly, it was all about being a sex symbol. But then I realized that I wasn’t James. Because I thought you [Cube] was Ben at first.

Ice Cube: Oh You Thought I was Ben?

Kevin Hart: Yea, I thought you were going to go comedy and they wanted me for the cop. . so once they told me the other way I thought this was my chance to kick a** and take names but then they were like ‘No Kevin, you’re going to be Ben’…and then I was like ‘Oh, ok we can do it that way too!’ So yea, that’s when it got different. Yea.


Jasmine BRANDYou all have very good chemistry, you can tell when watching the film. Did you all work together before or know each other beforehand?

Kevin: You know what’s funny? Me and Cube never hung out before but I knew him. We both played in the E-League, we’ve spoken and I’ve been around him before…but I think as true professionals, you learn to adapt to your environment but you can’t adapt to your environment if you don’t get along. So when we starting meeting beforehand about the project and just were vibing, having our phone conversations and we were just talking about the material that’s when I said not only is Cube a good dude but he’s a humble dude. My side, it was all about making sure he understands that I’m coming to the table with everything I got but hands up, my chest isn’t out. I want the same thing he wants which was a great project and from there, we were on the same page and never looked back.

Ice cube: For sure, you know I’ve been a fan of Kevin for a long time and you want to work with the best that’s out there and Kevin is definitely the best thats out there.

Kevin Hart: Thank you, man.

Ice Cube: So its really all about seeing if we could vibe, we was on the same page creatively, and  we wanted the same things. We both are funny and good and we work hard but we’re both serious about where we want to be and where we want to go but that makes for great chemistry.

Kevin Hart: Yea, definitely.

Jasmine BRAND: Little off topic, but on topic in terms of funny, your alter ego ‘Chocolate Droppa’ is becoming almost more famous than you. Would there be anytime in the future that he would be making a cameo appearance or something?

Kevin: Well you know the beauty of doing Chocolate Droppa is [that] it’s just so random. It’s so random it makes no sense and it’s funny to just pop-up and go away for some time. He’s just a character but that character has definitely developed into something else, so in the future who knows what may be there. If there’s a Chocolate Droppa movie or web series, there will be something, I just don’t know what.

Jasmine BRANDLast question for both of you guys, if you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be?

Ice Cube: You gon’ let me in? Thats the question I need to know.

Kevin: That was quick! I ain’t following that question. Ima look like an a**hole if I don’t ask God if Ima get in. Thats a perfect question man!

Jasmine BRAND: Thank you it’s been a pleasure talking to you guys!

Watch the full interview below.

The Movie ‘Ride Along’ Starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube hits theaters Friday, January 17th.


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