Kordell Stewart Ordered To Pay His Atlanta Housewife, Porsha Monthly Spousal Support

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Things are looking up for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart, at least the financial department. This week, both Kordell and his estranged wife made their way to a Fulton Court courthouse. Why? The ruling was a result of a recent motion filed by Porsha, claiming Kordell had changed the locks to their home. She also alleged that Kordell had locked her out multiple times. Not to be outdone, the ex NFL’er countered in his own filing claiming that Porsha was spending money frivolously and that because of her job on RHOA, she didn’t need financial support.

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The end result? The judge is said to have ordered a recent motion filing for spousal support, in which Kordell must pay Porsha $5,000.00 in temporary support. And here’s a close look at the court documents.

kordell stewart-ordered to pay porsha stewart-temporary support-5k per month-the jasmine brand


We do know that Kordell also has to pay for storage fees (Porsha allegedly moved her things into storage during their spat). What are your thoughts on the spousal support? Is $5k per month sufficient? 

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  • It’s says on the document that he will be paying for 3 months.

  • Miss AG

    I have clue if its enough but to me, things going in her favor so far. Bow let’s see if he’ll do as ordered.

  • vapariga

    It looks like she was going for $7k at first, so I guess $5k is ok according to “their living standards”. That’s hella money for the average person out here tryna make it. But good for Porsha, I hope it stays that way. They just said on the radio that she may have had an affair w/ a millionaire producer and that’s why Kordell filed…? I guess time will tell.

  • Tee

    I’m glad to hear that the judge ruled in Porsha’s favor. He can’t just lock her out of the house — she was living there. $5000.00 sounds good and I hope she gets it until she gets on her feet. Porsha did not deserve to be treating the way Kordell did her. Good for Porsha and I hope things work out for her.

  • Anonymous

    $5k is enough. If he doesn’t pay it he will make matters worse for himself. Porsha will be fine. Never knew he was such a A–hole.

  • Anonymous

    That is not enough , unless thats the same amount he lives off . Have you seen what rent cost now a days a nice place cost 1400-2000 now a days and then lights, hotwater,cale, along with car note and anything else , that dont leave her crap … before she didnt have to pay for rent now she will and thats damn sure not enough , 7000 was basic making it… after all he introduced her to that life and it must be fair after all he wanted a divorce not her, and she tried to save marriage he didnt..

  • DIVA

    Good for her I hope everything works out for her good. He really did her wrong and it seemed like she was really trying to be a good wife.

  • The Mrs

    5k is not enough for her and where she lives. Now for us average folks that alot of money. Hes such a loser

  • I think $5000 is plenty she can move in to a nice condo, and she still has her job in the rhwoa, and im sure she getting a decent penny from that, plus come on now she had to know he was GAY…