Kordell Stewart Explains Why He Locked RHOA’s Porsha Out Their Home, Says She Wasn’t Blindsided With News On Twitter

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Things are heating up and getting uglier between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha and Kordell Stewart. By now, you’re heard allegations that Kordell locked Porsha out of their huge home. Finally, Kordell has responded to his rationale for changing the locks on his reality TV star life. According to legal documents compliments of HipHollywood, Kordell says he changed the locks after Porsha abandoned the residence on April 2.

(Porsha) established a routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage, and (Kordell’s) nine year old son.

The Civil Action File states that Kordell notified Porsha before changing the locks:

Hey reaching out not knowing who may or may not have keys to the house at this point, I was concerned for our safety so I changed the locks on the house. If and when you need to get in give me a heads up so you can get in.

And guess what? There’s more drama. This week, Kordell filed court papers in response to Porsha’s first filings

to correct Respondent’s allegations and mistruths.

According to the AJC, he highlighted her alleged “unreasonable sense of entitlement” and “financial negligence,” including a failure to pay taxes and losing a condo.

kordell stewart-responds to locking porsha out of house-rhoa-the jasmine brand

Rumor has it, he’s also pissed that Porsha refused to enter a confidentiality order. And heres the kicker–Kordell says that Porsha wasn’t blindsided and didn’t learn about the divorce via twitter. In short, he says she wasn’t blindsided. He said in the filing that he had

several conversations with [Porsha] for several months prior to the divorce action being filed in which she requested that he file for divorce.

He also claims she told him that she had “nothing to lose” and even proposed they stay married “for business purposes.” What’s Porsha’s response? This week, she’s remained pretty mum, instead sporting a new T-Shirt line with inspirational sayings like

No regrets. Life lessons.

that are said to be speaking to her current situation. Eeek. BTW, what are YOUR thoughts? Do you believe Kordell’s version of his estranged wife, Porsha?