Tami Roman Says We Won’t See Her For Another Season Of Basketball Wives: ‘They Trying To Portray Me As A Certain Type of Person’ + Watch Episode 4

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Tami Roman-Basketball-Wives-2013-The-Jasmine-Brand

Tami Roman has a bone to pick with the ladies of Basketball Wives. With four episodes in the bag, Roman has taken issue with how she is being portrayed on the show. In a recent radio interview, Roman explained her role in Tasha’s confession and explained that she is sick of  ‘the Basketball Wives train’. Peep the excerpts below.

I’m still mad. They’re trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person, and I’m not going for that and I am not having that. I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has the left the station this season. The situation with Tasha, the young lady that is new on the show, this woman knows everything there is to know about me. We’re five seasons in, I knew nothing about this person. So I did my investigation and found out some things. Now, I wanted to be armed with information, in cause she tried to come at me sideways cause I never know how somebody’s gonna come at me. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now having that conversation with Susie, Susie then chose to take that information, after I specifically said to her, ‘Susie don’t bring it up,’…..They’re trying to make it seem like I put Susie up to doing it.

Further explaining:

I don’t get down like that. When I have something to say, I say it for myself period point blank. I will say it for myself. If Tasha had come at me sideways it probably would have not been time for Susie to say it, cause I would’ve said it myself. I don’t like the way its going down. Evelyn has a new PETA ad, which I congratulated her on and was happy for her, but tried to make it seem like I was hating on her by not coming to her party. I don’t get down like that. Anybody who really knows me, knows that I am supportive of every female out her doing something, grinding and hustling. My mother was on her death bed in the hospital and they knew that and for me I don’t like stuff like that. Either we gone all be sisters and make this show and do this thing together and be REAL or you gone start fabricating stuff for drama. And I’m not gonna be apart of that.

Listen to the clip below.

P.S. Looks like she’s uninterested in returning after this season:

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shaunie oneal-basketball wives episode 4-the jasmine brand

And here’s this week’s episode (4) below:

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  • Resa

    Each season we’ve seen you cussing, taking your shoes off to throw down, throwing down, bullying those who wouldn’t throw down back, sucker punching, drunk belching and smacking gum while twirling your hair. That’s not a portrayal…that’s you.

    • love

      I agree!!

      • Exactly! she lost 4lbs and got a better weave now she wanna be a saint and a spokesperson for young girls…FOH Tami (the T in your name stands for troublemaker/finisher)

        • Covergirl

          I agree with you Brandy, too bad her weave looks like she got it off Jamaica Avenue, in Queens NY. That isnt good quality hair!

          • LMAO @ Covergirl….very true. Its only a little better this season dont look like she is reusing the tracks anymore lmao

          • Covergirl

            Maybe she visited a familar salon that many ppl were we work goes to, because you know that package hair dont lie!

        • coryeon

          brany and covergirl I dont know you ladies but im on the floor dying with ya’ll comments… all so damn true though. And now she wants to jump ship and go to another God awful show Tiny Room (so shit like that). And how did that show get picked up for another year! Damn can I get a reaality show

    • Mika

      Totally agree with you also.

  • A

    Tami is just everywhere.. she needs to walk away…..

  • ann carter

    first, the issue was Meeka claxton, then it was Kenya Bell, then it was Jennifer williams, then it was poor Kesha Nichols, then it was Royce. I have been waiting on this birds to turn on each and its finally happened. Grabs popcorn. oh did i mention Gloria Govan too!

    • m&m

      THANK YOU!! Good summary of their bully behavior and victims. Nobody else wants to take the time to join their Hot Azz mess of drama, so no one is left to fight, but themselves. People can edit, and edit all day long, but if you dont’ say it, then there’s nothing to edit. I’m sure everyone saw her ask Susie to bring it up bc “if I say it, then it’s some kind of way”. girl please.

    • coryeon

      im sorry but Tami it’s time to go! If you really changed or a change in progress we would see and sorry….I dont see it! You are a women and mother and you think its okay to act that way! Good luck on the new show that will be cancel after this season

  • love

    I’ve been waiting for them to turn on each other. They are all negative, embarrassing women. No sympathy WHATSOEVER here.

  • Am I confused because I swear she told Suzie to ask the new girl about her name and then she’s clearly saying she told Suzie not to. Now that was messy but like she said it’s Ok to look into the new girl but why call her out.

  • Shannon

    As I’ve stated in previous post…I cannot stand Tacky Troublemaker Tami. The way I see it, the past seasons had several ladies on there and Tami tried so hard to get into the “cool girl clique” (Evelyn and shaunie). The cool girl clique let her in and be the muscle of the group by acting like a fool, by yelling, hitting and bullying ppl for their own entertainment. Now that there really isn’t too many ppl on the show to have her beef with they don’t need her anymore.

  • LMM

    It’s not about being a saint or whatever. However, why are people steady harping on Tami. Do they not see the double crossing and backstabbing that both Shaunie and Evelyn does. It’s going to end up being just the two of them. As you can see season after season, the circle gets smaller because someone eventually gets tired of Shaunie or Evelyn. They’re both fake and wouldn’t mind seeing them both get a head butt. Once it’s down to just those two, they will turn on each other because that’s what those kind of people do. When I say those kind, I mean low down, good for nothing other than laying on their backs, fake, fraud, backstabbers. Tami has been Tami since The Real World. Before Tami came along, Evelyn was the Tami of the show. Everyone taking up for Shaunie and Evelyn need to STFU and have several seats…..on a volcano….while it it erupts. In that order.

  • I like Tami…But let’s be real Tami, Ev, and Shaunie are like the ultimate mean girls. I’m so over this show.



  • m&m

    It’s not secret Eve is the worst of the worst. She’s playing this Chad thing to avoid the rep, and hanging Tami out to dry. But I can’t help but to remember when Tami’s “glam squad” read poor Kenya Bell her rights saying how tired and played out she looked. Judging by this pic, her glam squad failed her too.