[Photos] Jay Z Skips Car Service, Rides London Tube To Concert With Timbaland, Chris Martin & Friends

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jay z-timbaland-michael kaiser-ride london tube-the jasmine brand

Who needs fancy car service, when you’re in London?

As of late, more pop and rap stars are spontaneously taking public transportation, while touring. Earlier this year, Rihanna rode the tube a few times to one of her London shows, Beyonce rode a bike to Brooklyn and Mr. Carter also rode the New York subway to one of his shows. Over the weekend, we spotted Jay Z using public transportation again.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 9.55.26 AM

This time? He brought along Chris Martin, Timbaland, Michael Kaiser and a few friends. They used London’s Tube for Jay’s performance at the 02 arena in the UK. A few Tube riders and fans, who were also headed to the show, tweeted photos. Check out a few candid shots.

jay z-rides london tube 2013-the jasmine brand

jay z-timbaland-michael kaiser-ride london tube-b-the jasmine brand

jay Z-Chris Martin-Timbaland-take the london tube-the jasmine brand

jay z-timbaland-chris martin-ride the london tube-the jasmine brand


  • tnc

    ohhh. jay z rode a train. lets celebrate. he is actually doing what normal people do.

    • ouch.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, where is the hate coming from? When was the last time any celeb used public transportation? Especially high profile? Yes he could have taken other means to get there but didn’t. Don’t hate the player hate the game! !!!

        • Anonymous

          Or make big money and you can have that choice!!!!

  • The Mrs

    awe isn’t that cute they get to play around on the train with the people who actually dont have any other means of transportation. Oh lets leave the quarter of a million dollar car home today. I’m not impressed.

  • musicismylover

    I think we often forget that they can long for things they can no longer do.we always want what we dont have.Its cool that they took the train.those tastes of normalcy are probably very refreshing to them!