Phaedra Parks’ Donkey Booty DVD Hits the Market

Just in time for the Holidays! Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks and her hubby Apollo, lend their physiques to the world of fitness. For a mere $12.95, Phaedra and Apollo will help you get ‘phine’ (in Kenya Moore’s voice) and a ‘donkey booty’ for 60 minutes.

In a recent interview, Phaedra spills the beans on how all women can achieve the perfect booty:

“Well, you know what? All booties can be beautiful booties. It’s just a matter of toning and lifting them. Some people think a donkey booty is just a gigantic booty but it’s not. It’s a nice perfect round behind, and anyone can have it. And you can start off as flat as a board. And if you work the glutes, you can build the muscle, so it has that nice curvy appeal. Do some squats, some lunges, you will really see your legs and your behind just lifting. To be honest the more slimmer body bottoms, they have more definition once they get worked out because it’s not as much to cover up all the detail.”

And according to the DVD’s description, here’s what you can expect:

PHINE BODY by Phaedra and Apollo is a comprehensive workout routine that features a mix of aerobic dance elements, cardio training, strength training, core toning, and upbeat music. The workout begins with a high-energy cardio routine and fun dance moves, followed by toning core, body sculpting exercises and a stretch-based cool down. Phaedra and Apollo hope to encourage people of all ages, shapes and sizes to stay active and eat healthy.