[WATCH] Best Friends Bishop TD Jakes & Bishop Noel Jones Have Conflicting Opinions On ‘Preachers of LA’ Reality Show

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After only one episode airing, the Christian community has been very vocal about their approval or disapproval of Oxygen’s ‘Preachers of LA‘. On Sunday, the show, which follows the lives of Bishop Noel JonesMinister Deitrick HaddonBishop Clarence McClendonPastor Jay HaizlipPastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Ron Gibson, was a hot topic with popular mega pastor, Bishop TD Jakes. During his service (at mega church ‘The Potter’s House’), he told his congregation:

Now, I know you been watching that junk on TV. I want to tell you right now, not one dime of what you’re sowing right now will buy my suit. I want you to know my car is paid for. I want you to know I got my house on my own. I want you to know I’m not bling-blinging. I am not shake and bake. I had money when I came to Dallas and I plan to have some when I leave…You did not buy what I got. I had it when I came here. You know I had it when I came here. The devil is a lie! I have sold enough books and produced enough movies. I don’t need your offering to pay for this little slimy suit. So I rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

So what’s the big deal? Well, Jakes (who also recently launched a new BET talk show) happens to be best friends with one of the cast members, Bishop Noel Jones.

Check out the clip:

Preachers of L.A.

This summer, we chatted exclusively with Bishop Jones, asking him how his close friend (Bishop Jakes) responded when he heard that he’d be on the show. Bishop Jones explained:

Bishop [T.D.] Jakes. So when he said he swallowed his tongue when he heard I was doing it – and rightfully so – because from his perspective, we’re two different people. I’m more open and more gregarious than he is, and less protected. And so, and he’s very protective. So consequently, I’m on the other side of the protection that he would like me to have and then it’s risky business – it’s no question in my mind – it’s risky business.

What are your thoughts on Bishop Jakes’ comments? And does the show have the potential to hinder Bishop Jakes and Bishop Jones’ relationship? 

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Peep the entire interview below.

Part One

Part Two

  • Kim

    Well!!!! Amen!! Amen!!

    • I would love to see the show, but my lifestyle is too busy to watch it! My concern is the people of the church is more judgmental toward the show than anybody!

  • cocochanel31

    While this dog and pony reality show does not amuse me, I wonder what Bishop Jakes is talking about? He leads a very flashy lifestyle as well and please believe the early seeds that his parishioners planted in the early days absolutely let him buy the things he has now and allowed him to start production companies etc..so please stop.

    His focus should have been more about the cattiness and womanliness of these “men of GOD” moreso than the bling imo.

    • Anonymous

      These men are shepherds over their flocks, which God has chosen them to be. Don’t hate that God have blessed them abundantly. What matters is, mighty men of God, stay true to who and what God has called you to be. Don’t get caught up in the moment. Remember the Bible say, “Even the very elect will scarcely make it in.” So just stay connected to God and keep praying for His guidance.

  • DIVA

    I watched the show and I have mixed feelings about it. I think some of them are truly for the Lord and some I question. I can understand where they are coming from and as well T D Jakes. I think with Jakes he just don’t want people to get the impression that since he has a Mega Church he is in it for the money and not saving souls. People do seem to think that Mega Church preachers are in it for the money. I think that the only one on the show that makes me feel like he is not for the Lord and has self in it is Bishop Clarence McClendon. He is so self centered. I also think he might be a down low brother and I hope nothing comes out about him like it did wiith Eddie Long because I can see Bishop Clarence caught up in a scandal just like that. I will continue to watch to see how it will all play out but I do know one thing – YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH GOD so if these men are doing this for the wrong reason God will handle them accordingly. Saving souls should be they only goal!