“The Breakfast Club” Reacts To Diddy’s Revolt TV Lawsuit For Discrimination Against White Employees

"The Breakfast Club" Reacts To Diddy's Revolt TV Lawsuit For Discrimination Against White Employees

“The Breakfast Club” Reacts To Diddy’s Revolt TV Lawsuit

Power 105’s The Breakfast Club wants one thing crystal clear: they have NOTHING to do with a new lawsuit that’s come to light against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ REVOLT TV. In fact, the show’s co-host Angela Yee told listeners,

We don’t hire or fire anyone that works at Revolt. We have nothing to do with it. 

The popular morning radio show did an entire segment covering the situation, referring to it as ‘Fake News’. And when they realized that REVOLT wasn’t filming the segment, Charlamange told listeners,

I’m going to be honest with you, Revolt don’t pay me enough to go through this BS.

Listen to the complete clip from the hosts below.

And here’s a clip of the show giving NY Daily News ‘Donkey of the Day’, for inaccurately covering the REVOLT lawsuit.

During another part of the morning show, Charlamagne told listeners,

I wish the media would separate us from this reverse racism lawsuit that Revolt has the way they separated themselves from us this morning.

So what are the specifics of the lawsuit? Late Tuesday, it was reported that five white men who produced broadcasts of the popular morning show for Revolt TV, were suing stating that they were victims of reverse racism.

Todd Baker, Douglas Goodstein, Richard Wilson, Michael Schiff and Jason Preziosi claimed that they were ostracized and mocked by execs after being hired in Jan. 2014 because they didn’t get “the culture.” The suit explained,

Revolt treated them worse than other employees who were younger and African American. 

They say that they were not treated the same as other black employees despite their experience. They claim that Val Boreland, Revolt’s executive vice president, “was always rude, condescending and dismissive” to the production team. The suit continued,

Revolt tolerated a particularly high level of unprofessional behavior by the Breakfast Club’s African-American staff. Specifically, such African-American employees arrived to work intoxicated or hung over. 

One black production assistant frequently,

came to work late, drunk, and slept on the editing room floor during work hours. 

The suit alleges that in December 2014 Revolt reportedly fired the team and replaced them with inexperienced black employees.

The true reason that Revolt terminated the production team was because they were Caucasian and much older than their replacements. 

The suit does not name Power 105.1 or “The Breakfast Club” as defendants. Revolt said in a statement,

These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Revolt Media and TV, LLC has always been committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer. 

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Authored by: Kellie Williams