Future Slaps Drake With $1.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

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Cat fight alert! Not really, but there is beef nonetheless. According to Page Six, rapper Drake is being slapped with a heft lawsuit. By whom you ask? None other than rapper Future (who is also Ciara’s boyfriend). Long story short, Future is suing Drake for $1.5 million. Why? For being kicked off of Drake’s 39-city tour. Allegedly, Drake was booked to tour with Future and R&B singer Miguel. Things went awry during a Future listening session at Billboard Magazine. While doing the listening session, associate editor Erika Ramirez published a story with quotes from Future, which she also posted on her Twitter feed. Referring to Future, she wrote:

Not only is future’s #honest album interesting, so are his thoughts on Drake’s #NWTS album.

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She also quoted Future as saying about Drake’s album:

‘Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do’

After reading the story, Future’s horrified managers argued with the mag that his quotes were off the record and taken out of context. Reportedly, the online story was edited, but the Billboard reported didn’t delete her tweets. When Drake caught word of Future’s comments, he allegedly wanted Future fired from the tour. A source says Drake:

told his agent either Future gets fired, or he’ll fire him.

Future was fired, but then negotiations started to bring him back late last week.

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But over the weekend, Future pulled out for good after Drake’s camp demanded he make financial concessions. Future, who was set to earn about $40,000 per gig, is set to file a lawsuit this week against Drake for lost wages, or about $1.5 million. A rep for Billboard told Page Six:

We regret that miscommunication surrounding Future’s recent visit, one that seemed clear to us was on the record, may have caused any trouble for the artist.


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