[Photos] Atlanta Celebrities React To Overwhelming Snow Day

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Tuesday, a winter storm paralyzed metro Atlanta and other parts of Georgia; so much so that it prompted Gov. Nathan Deal to declare a state of emergency Tuesday for all 159 counties. In a matter of hours, snow blanketed the area and by Tuesday evening, hundreds of vehicles were still stranded on interstates and side streets throughout the metro area. A few Atlanta area celebrities took the day off from work, snapping photos enjoying the snow. Check out a few candids.

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam

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Kim Zolciak’s son, K.J.

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Erica Dixon’s (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) Driveway

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Mariah Huq’s (Married to Medicine) Children

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Porsha Stewart (Real Housewives of Atlanta)

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  • Edot

    I find it so funny that 1-3 inches of snow caused the whole city to shut down. Take it from someone who lives in WI, 1-3 inches is nothing compared to what we get. Try 3-5 ft of snow in addition to cold weather…
    You southern stay warm lol

    • Me

      Hey loser, we don’t keep equipment on hand bc it rarely snows. We didn’t laugh when the northerners lost people due to heat waves or when people didn’t get out when warned about Hurricane Katrina. DC area and “Carmagedon” .. Jersey and Sandy… guess what bitches, yuk this shit up all you want but the south will always have the south. I’d rather live with southern hospitality than Northern contempt any day. Go fck yourself, people are dying.. people are stranded…

    • The Roc

      @Me So Angry! Relax. Go get some warm cocoa. Where is that Southern hospitality now? A little bit of snow and all of a sudden you become like the rest of us northeasterners. Enjoy the snow. We all know that you you rarely get it and that is why you shut down. Nobody is saying anything against you. Edot was just saying imagine if you got what they usually get. Take it easy and go sleigh riding or something. Its going to melt soon.

    • Darknlovely

      @Me…is it that serious???? You need a good book too :(

  • Darknlovely

    They just dont have anything to do!!!! It’s amazing they get excited ove 1-2″ of snow. Wow! They are posing in the pics like they doing something. Have the kids to pick upa book – – hell, the adults should pick up one too.