Ariana Grande Accuses Ex Pete Davidson Of Trying To “Remain Relevant”

Ariana Grande Calls Out Ex-Fiancé Pete Davidson For Attempting To “Remain Relevant”

Ariana Grande wasn’t too pleased with Pete Davidson’s joke during a preview of the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Jonah Hill, Maggie Rogers, and Davidson stood together, as Davidson jokingly asks Rogers to marry him, while also showing off the covered – bunny ear mask Grande wore on her “Dangerous Woman” album cover – tattoo he previously got when he was engaged to Grande.

Davidson introduces himself during the commerical,

Hey, Maggie. I’m Pete.

Rogers gleefully replies,

Hey, Pete!

Davidson follows up with an inquiry,

You want to get married?

Rogers quickly turns him down and turns away in embarrassment.  Grande reacted to the clip, calling Davidson out in a tweet,

For somebody who claims to hate relevancy, u sure love clinging to it, huh?


Thank u, next.

Davidson and Grande ended their engagement in the middle of October, after arriving to a mutual decision to go their separate ways; the ex-couple became engaged over the summer after a few weeks of dating. Since the breakup, Grande has stated how she felt everything moved way too fast, while Davidson wishes to rekindle their relationship at some point.

Pete has yet to comment on Ariana’s tweets.

Authored by: Andre Palmer