Tamar Braxton & Friends Celebrate Husband, Vincent’s Birthday + Does Vincent Owe the IRS?

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Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-The Jasmine Brand

Over the weekend, Tamar Braxton and her celebrity friends gathered to celebrate husband’s Vincent’s birthday in Los Angeles.

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-8-The Jasmine Brand


With an all white theme, the party-goers included Tamar’s ‘The Real’ co-host Adrienne Bailon, creative director Terrell Mullin and designer Shateria. The festive group also celebrated Tamar’s Grammy nomination. Peep the pics and watch videos captured by bestie Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris.

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-2-The Jasmine Brand

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-3-The Jasmine Brand

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-4-The Jasmine Brand

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-5-The Jasmine Brand

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-6-The Jasmine Brand

Tamar-Braxton-Friends-Celebrate-Vincent-Herberts-Birthday-8-The Jasmine Brand

In more unpleasant news, according to reports, Tamar’s hubby may have some IRS issues.


Radar Online reports that songwriter and producer Vincent Herbert, was recently slapped with a federal tax lien for more than $3 million. Reportedly, he’s been ordered to pay $3,325,107.70. The site reports:

For the tax period ending in 2010, they claim, he failed to pay $66,315.30 to the IRS. The next year, he skipped payment on a whopping $2,267,845.97. And in 2013, he had an unpaid balance assessment of $990,946.43.

Tamar or Vince have yet to respond to reports.

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  • quitav

    I love Tamar, but WTH was she doing. Was that her holy ghost dance, or was she just turned up, lol?

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Tamar is puzzling – she craves so much attn or seems to adore her questionable features, looks and wigs more than her martians she look CRAZED!

    • LO

      I agree! Stop with the plastic surgery and bleach already!

    • Kay

      I agree! She is tooooo over-the-top. All eyes, hands, and lips have to be on her azz. Those jacked up faces that she make….she needs to stop. Vince get your wife honey.

  • tlisa

    If it’s Vince’s birthday then why is everyone in the pics except Vince? SMH! All about Tamar as usual.

  • This looks like one hell of a birthday party. I wish I was their.

  • Anonymous

    Child please. Tamar Honey you are the definition of FAKE. TOO much honey you look plastic. What in the he** is she doing dancing craving more attention. Honey I always have seen a goal digger in her but she can sing I loved love and war but please stop with all that EXTRA!!!!

  • Anonymous

    To busy trying to be like beyounce. She don’t realize she will not get to that level. She can sing!

  • Anonymous

    I really CANT with Ta-yonce’ and that “dance”…

  • Angel Tuckery

    All you Tamar haters need to have several seats, I have never read so much jealousy on one page. She is herself and that’s enough. Don’t hate its not nice..

    • Cityboy

      Angel, you read my mind and took the words right out of mouth pheeeeewww!! Hi5!!

    • Anonymous

      Angel and Cityboy can exit stage left and don’t dare return, you have been dismissed. Everyone that has a brain can see Tamar is all about Tamar. This attention wanting gold digging girl. She can sign but she was just filler until B came back. Tamar had her shine now she can take several seats with broken wing Angel and Countryboy oh no I meant Cityboy lol

  • Anonymous

    All y’all haters can go get y’alls life. You just hate yourself and want to be just like her. Don’t hate. If Beyonce is top s*** let her be. Tamar is on her own level she don’t need to be at everybody elses. Y’all haters are not even at Tamar’s level so your dismissed.You guy are her undercover fans. its OoKaay! That’s why you have enough time to judge her not judge yourself. Before you judge others make sure your perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Lol you had to chime in with your 2 cents which was a waste of time. We don’t hate we write the truth. Take a seat because we are not judging we are entitled to our opinion. Sorry you cant see clearly. It is clear you don’t have common sense maybe you can get help and write a book about being a hater we are sure you could use the money.

  • TamikaO

    I love Tamar just as she is! I wouldn’t be surprised if the negative comments are from Towanda and her husband. Get a life, you don’t know her personally, so chill out. It’s not that deep boo.

  • DIVA

    Tamar is the REAL DEAL! She is just going to keep it real and say what’s on her mind. I like people that don’t smile in yo face n talk behind your back and with Tamar you are going to just get REAL from her…she will say what’s on her mind rather you like it or not. I think that is why people dont like her is because she say what everybody else is thinking but they just don’t have the guts to say it. #teamtamar

  • Guest

    So where’s Vince? They not even married!

  • stop hating on vince and tamar they not fake they young and having fun stop hating on real not fake peps they may me rich but noise up in the air tamar is real to everyone not fake she is real to all of here fans nice person and loving bless you tamar and all your sucess in life you and vince love each other thats a blessing and love people. 1 fan boo. at [email protected].