[AUDIO] Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Says Couple Expecting A Boy + Denies Break-Up Rumors: ‘That’s my wife.’

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Great news continue for rapper Lil Kim and her boyfriend, Mr. Papers. Last week, the 39-year-old rap artist proclaimed her pregnancy, by debuting her baby bump during New York Fashion Week. Her boyfriend, Mr. Papers (who is also an emerging rapper) later confirmed that he was the father.

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On Valentine’s day, Mr. Papers called the Rickey Morning Smiley Show, confirming the great news. He shared that the couple are expecting a boy, but remained tight-lipped about baby names. He said:

Yeah, that’s my baby…I don’t really wanna give that to the world yet, but we gon’ let y’all know soon though. Word. You know what I mean? We ain’t gon’ hold it too long…He gon’ be a Gemini though. You know what I mean? But I don’t really wanna give you all that information.

lil kim-boyfriend mr papers-expecting a boy-the jasmine brand

He also clarified their relationship status, shooting down rumors that he and Kim had broken up. He told radio show hosts,

Nah, we together, brother. Everything good. You know how they like to talk. Ain’t nothing. We together. That’s my wife. That’s my baby.

Listen to the full interview on the next page.

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3 Comments to “[AUDIO] Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Says Couple Expecting A Boy + Denies Break-Up Rumors: ‘That’s my wife.’”

  1. DIVA says:

    So happy for Kim and I am GLAD that he is a man and shot down all of the negative things. Good for them!

  2. ANALA says:

    I will begin with a small disclaimer: I am not a Kimmy STAN nor am I doctor(not yet). Kim is a girl who unfortunately has self esteem issues like a lot of people. Some have it so bad that it becomes a disease and they constantly try to “fix” what is wrong with them….It is difficult not being happy about your appearance esp. being in the industry where looks come first and talent second. I think she has a lot of “yes people” around her so when she gets a new procedure done her camp doesn’t tell her not to go out in public. Also it seems like she may need a new MUA and hair/clothing stylist. I still love Kim tho, just had to get that off my chest! She will forever be the one and only Queen B! I wish she and her boyfriend the best as they grow their family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happened Kim she looks TERRIBLE and that’s being nice. Plastic surgery seems to be working against her. Most people look better after but my goodness she look like one of those troll figures from the 97-98. Nicki ended what was left of Kim. To me she is washed up and expired. I always liked Foxy better anyway.

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