Drake’s Father Dennis Graham On New Single, Touring With His Son & If They Compete Over Women [VIDEO]

Dennis Graham, Son Drake

Dennis Graham, Son Drake

In case you missed it, Drake’s father Dennis Graham released a new single “Kinda Crazy.” Graham is currently on touring the country with his megastar son and recently spoke with the LA Leakers on Power 106 about the new record and a possible album. Check out what he had to say below.

On his being on tour with Drake:

I’m in Boston backstage and I’m just chilling out. Man this is absolutely fabulous. I’m not bragging, just because he’s my son. He’s one hell of an entertainer.

On when will he join his son on stage:

I came out on stage last year, but my single just came out yesterday.

On if he and Drake are in competition for women:

No, he really has to watch himself, bruh. This is real. This is no joke.

On the inspiration behind the new record “Kinda Crazy”:

My friend Marcus [he] helped co-write the song with me. But, I’m loving it. I’m just trying to get to the GoodWill awards and I’ll be cool.

On if he will release an album:

I had not planned on putting out an album, but it looks like I’m going to have to keep going. I got such a great vibe off the single and video. I can do better.

On plans on collaborating with his superstar son:

There is a story behind that. Drake and I have been talking about the same song for over a year and a half. But eventually…I’m establishing myself. Something’s coming.

See the full interview below.

By –Octavia McClain

Authored by: Kellie Williams