[INTERVIEW] Exclusive: Laila Ali Addresses ‘The View’ Rumors + What Could She Bring Different to Daytime TV?

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Laila Ali: Wouldn’t that be great? Definitely, I want to do more in the talk space and I’ve been putting that out there in the universe so we’ll see what happens. I’ve had lots of meetings.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Can you see yourself at the table?

Laila Ali: Can you see my face? Yeah, but just me seeing it ain’t going to make it happen though, they have to see it and I think that if that’s where I’m meant to be then that’s where it’ll end up.

theJasmineBRAND.com: What would you bring fresh to The View?

Laila Ali: A true, honest perspective from an African American woman that’s relatable but also has a lot of knowledge and experience and I keep it real. Not in the way that people say that I keep it real , but I keep it real, real. I’m not afraid to go against the grain, I’m not afraid to be a little bit politically incorrect, I make people mad sometimes, but I can back it up.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: Speaking of getting physical, when was the last time you had to put the smack down on somebody outside of the ring?

Laila Ali: No, I don’t do that. The thing is that as a fighter when I get mad, sometimes you really do and you know sometimes it’s like people want to fight and you really just want to knock somebody out and I can, it’s not just talk. So I have to be careful not to put myself in those situations with that. You won’t see me on any reality TV shows with these ratchet women because once they get to yappin, I get really upset that I can’t…

theJasmineBRAND.com: How do you feel about the portrayal of black women on reality TV?

Laila Ali: It’s a sad state we’re at because a lot of people are going above and beyond to act a certain way because that’s where they’ve seen [that’s] where people have been successful whereas they might not even really live their lives that way, but they do it for television. But to me, it’s sad when you sell your soul to act in a way that you know isn’t right and is not being a good role model to young children, it’s just not a good thing.

theJasmineBRAND.com: If you had to ask God one question, what would that be?

I want to know why children get abused and raped and beaten and why they have to go through that. That really bothers me when I hear that about kids. Like in Africa, there’s a big AIDS epidemic and they believe, in certain parts of Africa,  that if you have sex with a virgin that you’ll be cured. So, they’re raping babies and young children and I just can’t even imagine that and it’s just really sad.

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