[EXCLUSIVE] Former ‘Next’ Singer RL Files Bankruptcy

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Next Singer-RL Files for Bankruptcy 2014-the jasmine brand

It’s a hard knock life for some of your favorite celebrities. theJasmineBRAND.com has exclusively learned that RL— the former lead singer for 90’s R&B band “Next” — has unfortunately lost all the money he made from his music career and was forced to file for bankruptcy due to his massive amounts of debt.

RL – real name Robert Lavelle Huggar – filed for bankruptcy in Georgia Federal Court, explaining he had only 50 DOLLARS in cash on him and $3,500.00 in assets, with a total of $116,132.00 owed to creditors.

The bankruptcy docs state that Huggar assets included a $300 computer, $500 in clothing, $150 dining room set, $1,500 in recording equipment and a $500 bedroom set.

His debts included $6K in back child support, nearly $49K to the IRS and $61K on his American Express.



The docs state that the singer only made $5K in 2013 from his music and in 2011 & 2012 he had ZERO INCOME from his career.

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  • Truth Lady

    You should be ashamed for publishing false articles..

    • TJB staff

      Thank you for your comment. We pride ourselves on being objective and accurate, so please let us know what part of the article is false so that we can correct/update. You can also email us at [email protected]
      Thank you again.

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