[EXCLUSIVE] Former ‘Next’ Singer RL Files Bankruptcy

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Next Singer-RL Files for Bankruptcy 2014-the jasmine brand

It’s a hard knock life for some of your favorite celebrities. theJasmineBRAND.com has exclusively learned that RL— the former lead singer for 90’s R&B band “Next” — has unfortunately lost all the money he made from his music career and was forced to file for bankruptcy due to his massive amounts of debt.

RL – real name Robert Lavelle Huggar – filed for bankruptcy in Georgia Federal Court, explaining he had only 50 DOLLARS in cash on him and $3,500.00 in assets, with a total of $116,132.00 owed to creditors.

The bankruptcy docs state that Huggar assets included a $300 computer, $500 in clothing, $150 dining room set, $1,500 in recording equipment and a $500 bedroom set.

His debts included $6K in back child support, nearly $49K to the IRS and $61K on his American Express.



The docs state that the singer only made $5K in 2013 from his music and in 2011 & 2012 he had ZERO INCOME from his career.

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4 Comments to “[EXCLUSIVE] Former ‘Next’ Singer RL Files Bankruptcy”

  1. Truth Lady says:

    You should be ashamed for publishing false articles..

    • TJB staff says:

      Thank you for your comment. We pride ourselves on being objective and accurate, so please let us know what part of the article is false so that we can correct/update. You can also email us at TJBstaff@gmail.com
      Thank you again.

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