Kylie Jenner Fesses Up About Temporary Lip Fillers: It’s an insecurity of mine. [Slight Werk]

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As you’ll recall, last month, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge went viral, daring folk to try their darndest (thanks to an insane lip trick) to achieve Kylie’s lips.

Kylie later tweeted about the challenge, writing on Twitter:

I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look. I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not be afraid to experiment w your look.

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  • Angiez

    Since I can always remember she was always known to me as the ugly sister . Kendall was always prettier than her and still is. She reminds me of blow up doll. And why does she look just like kim who is half Armenian. Last time I checked both her mothers Bruce and kris jenner were white so why she now looks like she has some flavor in her … She’s a snore fest and better Make sure chyna don’t beat her ass lol she can’t hang

    • Al K. Dhuh

      Kim is white!

    • EgoCentric

      I’d like to think that Chynna has better things to do than fight (verbally, twitterly or physically) with a teenage girl. It’s pathetic that Tyga is dating this youngster and has tattooed her name on his arm. Why aren’t her parents objecting to her dating someone 8 years older than her?! I’d be upset if my 17 year old was dating a 25 year old or vice versa.

  • It makes me angry that because “they”want fuller lips now theyre exceptable.Now that asses are wanted by everyone now theyre exceptable.All this time many of us black women had both.And they were both ridiculed and called ugly.See we have always been beautiful.And imitation is the best example of flattery.

    • TLovinlife

      I totally agree annW.

    • PrettySuper


  • ShelbyMoore

    Now you can go tell your sisters Kim and Khloe to tell the truth. Their legs don’t match their asses. You are all insecure loser ass bishes.

    • PrettySuper

      …but these black dudes out here eating it up. i don’t understand.

  • creolemommie

    I want to know why is ok to “cop” to her lips, but ignore the fact her face is shorter, jaw line sculpted, her butt is bigger and she has hips…which we all know are surgically enhanced..fat transfer etc…do they really think the public is so oblivious to the fact that their asses sprout out of nowhere…or those lips procedures ALL of them except Kendall has had…Im really curious if they think we think those build a bear techniques are au natural?……smh