The Game & Young Thug Bring Their Beef to Instagram [VIDEO]

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There’s an ugly beef brewing between two rappers. And it’s now safe to say that rapper Game (real name Jayceon Taylor) and rapper Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Williams ) are not fans of each other.

The Game

The Game

Earlier today, an Instagram video of the Game (via Baller Alert) slamming Young Thug surfaced. Reportedly, The Game was performing at a New Orleans club when he took verbal aim at Young Thug and defended Lil Wayne. He told club goers:

My n*gga Tune ain’t never been Hollywood. He’s just been Holygrove. You know what the f*ck it is n*gga. Westside in this mutha f*cka. Anybody f*ckin’ with Tune, got a f*ckin’ problem w/ me. I will f*ck Young Thug up on Piru n*gga. West side n*gga.


Authored by: Kellie Williams