Lloyd Says ‘You Can’t Have A Murder Inc. Reunion Tour Without Ashanti’ While Discussing The Recent Feud Between The Singer & Irv Gotti

Lloyd, Ashanti, & Irv Gotti

Lloyd Says ‘You Can’t Have A Murder Inc. Reunion Tour Without Ashanti’ While Discussing The Recent Feud Between The Singer & Irv Gotti

Lloyd is speaking out following the premiere of The Murder Inc. Story.

Singer Lloyd

Recently, Lloyd was the headliner for Titan Festival show in London, where he discussed how important Ashanti was to Murder Inc. and how the label shouldn’t do a reunion tour without her involvement. Lloyd, born Lloyd Polite Jr. said:

“I don’t think you can have a Murder Inc. reunion tour without Ashanti.”

The 36-year-old added:

“And I don’t think Ashanti and Irv are seeing eye to eye in any capacity right now; so that’s probably far fetched.”

As previously reported, Irv Gotti, Murder Inc. founder, appeared with Ja Rule on an episode of Drink Champs, where Irv Gotti reflected on multiple encounters, including sexual, he allegedly had with Ashanti

During his recent interview, Lloyd also revealed that in the near future he may collaborate with his labelmate, Ja Rule. He shared:

 “I talk to Ja all the time about us recording new music.” 

The Atlanta-raised singer continued:

“I think he’s now back in his bag and feeling creative, which he hasn’t been for a few years since being released after his incarceration.”

He added: 

“I sent him music when he first got out — the first week — just to show him, ‘Hey, you know, I’m right here when you’re ready.’ We actually talked the other day and he says he’s ready.”

Ja Rule

Lloyd admitted he hasn’t tuned into The Murder Inc. Story, due to being busy on tour. He explained:

“When it first aired I was in Europe on tour, and then when I got back I was just running around crazy.” 

Lloyd said:

“I prefer to wait until it’s all done and then I can just binge them all.”

Back in 2003, Lloyd was signed to Irv Gotti’s The Inc. (the name of Murder Inc.’s record label before it was rebranded). Lloyd released his debut album with the label in 2004, Southside, following up with two more albums: 2007’s Street Love and 2008’s Lessons in Love. The last album he released was in 2018 titled, Tru. However, he revealed that his fans won’t have to wait too long for his next project.

Singer Lloyd

He said:

“I’ve been sitting on an album now for the past — almost two years. I’ve just been tweaking it for the past six months, religiously. I have maybe one or two, possibly three dream collaborations that I’m trying to put together, but other than that, it’s done.”

He continued:

“So far the only person that’s produced a track other than myself is Big K.R.I.T., and he’s also featured on a song we did called ‘Roses,’ which is all about giving people their flowers while they’re above the ground.”

He added:

“I also feature a good friend of mine named Blanco Brown who is killing country music right now. We have a song called ‘Ghetto Children’ which also features a 20-piece kids choir that I recorded; I produced the track.”

Lloyd continued: 

“I’m really proud of that moment, it’s the first time those kids were ever recorded. It was a big moment for them and it was also the first time I’ve ever recorded with children — that was a big moment for me as a producer.”

As for the title of the album, the singer hasn’t picked a name yet. He elaborated:

“I’m in and out of titles, which is also one of the reasons why I’m not ready yet. I can promise this, though: I put my heart and soul into this album, truly and honestly.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill