J.Lo Says She’s Paved the Way For the Kardashian’s Big Booties: There’s plenty of room for all the ass.

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J.Lo, Kim Kardashian

J.Lo, Kim Kardashian

Hands down, in the celebrity realm, Jennifer Lopez’s (aka J.Lo) backside has made headlines for quite some time. Prior to the Kardashian sisters (mainly Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian) donk being a point of reference J.Lo’s booty was quite popular.



And while she’s no longer the queen of the donk (perhaps Nicki Minaj holds the crown), there’s no love lost. During her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Andy Cohen asks her if she feels like Kim and Khloe stole her thunder on having a voluptuous butt and Jennifer says she feels that she “paved the way for them.”

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She adds,

There’s plenty of room for all the ass.

J.Lo also reacts to the speculation that she doesn’t like Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez

Specifically, she explains why she was texting during Mariah’s recent performance.

First of all, that was not fair with the texting thing…It was a long performance. I watched most of it (laughs)…I may have looked down for one second.

She also explains why she’s never seen Mariah’s Las Vegas show.

I think last year when it startd, I was alredy filming Shades of Blue..[I] Didn’t have a lot of free time….I’d want to see it, why not?

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