Toya Wright: Tamar Braxton Showed Me She Was NEVER My Friend [VIDEO]

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Toya Wright: Tamar Braxton Showed Me She Was NEVER My Friend [VIDEO]

Tamar Braxton, Toya Wright

Toya Wright Says Tamar Braxton Was Never My Friend

While promoting her new book “In My Own Words…My Real Reality”, Toya Wright clarifies the fallout that she had with Tamar Braxton. When asked if she feels like she was blocked from appearing on ‘The Real, when Tamar was still on the show she says,

I mean, I will say this – I was out promoting [My Super Sweet 16] and somebody reached out about me going on a show and her response was they weren’t allowing any reality stars on the show — [that] was what I was told. So, I’m like ‘okay’. I turn next week Tiny and Shekinah is on there. So I’m like ‘Okay, cool. It’s whatever. I’m not tripping off that’. I did Wendy Williams.

Toya Wright: Tamar Braxton Showed Me She Was NEVER My Friend [VIDEO]

Toya on ‘The Real’

She continues,

So after that, my publicist reached out this time to get on the show and they said they never heard about me coming on the show. So it was like a first time thing or whatever and I did the show not to throw shade, not to be disloyal to promote my project. I don’t have a platform. Any time I’m able to promote of course I’m going to take that and if you’re my friend you’re gonna be supportive of that.

Toya says that she found out that Tamar had unfollowed her on social media, the day after appearing on ‘The Real’.

When I leave the next day, it’s like all this stuff in the media….I’m like ‘Is this real?’ I wasn’t going on the show to take her job. One thing about me, my loyalty has never been questioned … I don’t compete with my friends. I don’t hate on my friends. I want all my friends to win. Anything you’re doing I’m going to support.

Toya Wright: Tamar Braxton Showed Me She Was NEVER My Friend [VIDEO]

Tiny Harris, Toya Wright, Tamar Braxton

Because of this situation, Toya says she feels like the two weren’t really friends.

I have nothing against Tamar. In that situation it shows me you were never my friend. First of all, I hadn’t spoken to Tamar, it was like 8 or 9 months. We have a mutual friend which is Tiny and Tamar and I became friends because of Tiny. I still considered her to be a cool girl. She’s a friend of mine. That was a little petty with me.

She explains that she had no issue when Tamar performed with K.Michelle, whom she feuded with for years publicly.

When I had the situation with K.Michelle, I wasn’t mad that you performed with her. That was your job. I’m not that type of girl. I don’t expect you not to grace the stage with her. I don’t come in between your coins. It is what it is, I wish her the best. I was never trying to be shady. If you work at Saks and I get fired from Saks, I can’t go to Saks no more. Sh*t, I love Saks.

Toya also reveals that she took issue that Tamar was the only one of her friends that didn’t post her book on social media.

All my friends posted my book, but her. I hit her like ‘Can you post my book for me?’ and she was like ‘I can’t post the book’ because her team  or whatever [said]  it’s called How To Lose A Husband. And I’m like, first of all, it’s not about how to lose a husband. And if my team tell me I can’t promote my friend, that’s like shady. That’s just how she get down and I just don’t — when people show you who you are, believe them.

Fast forward to the 14:00 minute mark for her comments.

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  • Lord Help Them

    But I don’t recall Toys promoting Tamar’s Calling All Lovers album. AND y’all obviously we’re not friends because you say you hadn’t spoken in 8 or 9 months but a REAL friend would have called to check on Tamar when she got fired from the real.

    • Jessica Daymone

      She said she “asked her to promote the book”, there is a difference between asking and just doing it as a friend.
      How do you know she did not call Tamar ? did tamar say that or are you just speculating ?

      • Lord Help Them

        Jessica Daymone, ain’t no speculating. She said it in the interview that she hadn’t spoke to Tamar in 8 or 9 months and that she saw Tamar at her brothers funeral and she thought it was a nice gesture. Tamar has promoted Toya’s products and her businesses. Look on Tamar’s IG page. She promoted Toya’s Garb boutique and her bonnets business. You saying that Tamar is not a real friend but why discuss this matter during an interview. Try to reach out. Maybe she did try to reach out and got no response from Tamar but you’ve talked about this matter on several occasions, let it go. Because then it becomes you just talking about this situation to get press and make someone look bad to promote your product or business, i.e. Future and Ciara. Like let it go. You on a positive note…keep it positive. When Angela asked her about Tamar, Toya should’ve said i wish her the best and kept it moving. Don’t take the bait of these “clever” interviewers and messy shows to down other people.

        • Tan

          In regards to, Don’t take the bait of these “clever” interviewers and messy shows to down other people.

          I agree. Wendy asked C. Milian a question about the text Toya got from Wayne. Christina responded I got a lot of text too… Then she went on to say something in the manner of him loving the mother of his child and that will always be there… I thought that was a good way to answer without answering. The whole time she was laughing and chipper.

          I said that to say when people say I wish her the best and keep it moving, the media turns that into something negative. I wish they really wouldn’t do that.

          OAN: I don’t think it’s disloyal to accept a job that your friend got fired from or with that employer. That is business and she has bills to pay. Say what you want. Tamar went behind her sisters back and got Tamar and Vince, so she our of all people should know its about business.

  • Ateya

    Next album should be called WAYNE’s WORLD. Make that happen Wayne! Great Interview Toya

  • currvalicious

    I believe Toya should move on from discussing this openly any further. Being that they all share mutual friends (Tiny, Kandi, e et tc) this can complicate things within the share group of friends. Clearly there wasnt a genuine mfriendship to beginm with. Maybe just out of convenience, moreso on Tamar’s end.