Chrisette Michele Releases Poem: You can call me their coon!

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Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Releases Poem About Controversy

Amidst controversy surrounding her performance during Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Chrisette Michele has released a poem called ‘No Political Genius’. Check out the lyrics below.

I am the black song that Spike Lee won’t sing
I am the black voice inauguration bells ring
I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf
No I am the black elephant in the red room, scared shook

White House invites me, you can call me their coon
I am the butterfly growing from slavery’s cocoon
I carry the mantle with God as my goon
He provides the life support, I’m dying singing his tune

Church folks may not clap, but I’ll sing there song
Hip hop for Jay Z, now you say You Lost One
R&B for Def Jam, Rich Hipster for Brooklyn
But Spike won’t pay me, A Crook from Crooklyn

I’m still American – Tragic
I’m still Born Again – Miracle
And We’re on the border line – Pinacle

The brink of love or destruction
This is the junction
Will we divide in consumption
Of social media productions
Or will we finally unite
Win the 200 year fight
70’s fists up unite
Or did MLK die for spite
No political genius
But I won’t let this defeat us
I refuse to back down
I’ll use my art as my crown
And you can call me your fool
Rehearse lines you didn’t learn in school

They won’t be my definition
Or defining moment, Not my vision
Or my anger, I won’t own it
Or my prison, Nope won’t condone it

They will be my ammunition
To fight the system
We will win them
Hope is alive
This is my stand in

For John Lewis
And Ben Carson
Quest Love, Spike Lee
And before them
I won’t divide now
That’s not smart now
God before me
I won’t back down

This is MY damn America now
Came on a boat
Now I’ll Rock It
Gave me the mic
Now I’ll Rock It
Gave me the vote
Didn’t profit… And I’m NO POLITICAL GENIUS
But these ain’t politics as usual
I’m no mad dog but I rebel
May I revel
In the freedom of speech

In the art standing for peace
Basquiat style Paint streets
On the front lines
Let’s meet
We can sing one song
And one anthem
Land of the free
As one army
You and Me
A political genius
I’ll never be

Listen to the song below.

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  • stacy morris

    Now that she has said her peace, lets move on pass the nonsense. Clearly, money can buy anything. Maybe she can write a poetry book. I could care less. I care that our black, entertainment folks have a platform to send a clear message to this administration and this HEFFA decides to sing and dance for it. Chicken Georgette!!

    • The Mrs.

      Stacy Morris, I believe that she was brave to do what she did. It was announced that she did not accept the earnings rather she did it to try and bridge the gap. We may not be happy with the election but we have to accept and I think that is what she has done. She never supported trump in the past but chose to be a voice once he was elected. He is our President and there is nothing that we can do about it now. I think it’s best that we give him the opportunity to prove all of wrong.

      • David Russell

        You sound as coonish as the rest of them. Give him a chance. You must be joking.

        • Randevyn Piérre

          A chance? Are YOU kidding? Have you been in a coma for the past 6 months? Do you remember seeing Trump show us his character by publicly mocking a disabled man, refusing to release his taxes, bragging about sexually assualting women (then calling them liars), telling black people their communities were worthless, threatening to “register” Muslims, enciting violence against protesters at rallies, dehumanizing Mexican immigrants, being sued for fraud, praising Russian tyrants and threatening to bomb the “shit” out of those who disagree with the United States? That Trump?

          The one who after ONE DAY in office is under investigation for corruption and treason? The Trump who is stripping the Whitehouse website of information on civil rights, LGBT rights, and climate change, replacing them with gun-owner rights? The Trump who just LIED to us about something as trivial as crowd numbers and paid for a clapping machine behind his points to the intelligence community (who he has also insulted)? That’s the person you think we should “give a chance?” Do you feel like to you need more than this to know he is NOT fit for this job and should be opposed?

          That’s not possible. Clearly, you’re not following this story.

          Are you awake??

          • Randevyn Piérre


            Maybe it’s the Trump that just made it more difficult for Americans to buy homes, or the one who is hell-bent on dismantling the healthcare coverage that allows 20 million Americans to access healthcare regardless to their pre-existing condition (s)–just because it was the brainchild of a black man.

            Or–maybe the Trump that is nominating all his billionaire buddies for major federal appointments who don’t have a MOMENT of experience in ANY of those fields. Maybe you prefer the Trump that denies that climate change is a SCIENTIFIC FACT, and withdraws us from our global commitment to the preservation of planet earth.

            If you’re willing to give a “leader” like this a “chance,” then you (as well as well as Chrisette poem-writing Michele) are definitely a part of this very serious problem.

          • AshleyJefferson

            Preach Preacher!

          • Dee J-Christ

            Affordable Healthcare Act, Obama care was the Health plan Hilary proposed in the 90’s that could get enough support to pass; it was then drawn from a socialist framework of national healthcare. This is common knowledge and fact. Look it up.

          • Randevyn Piérre

            What do you mean by, “socialist?” Have you heard of Social Security? Temporary Assistance for Needy Families? Social Security income? Food Stamps? Those are all programs paid for by tax payers for tax payers. There is nothing wrong with programs that involve community dollars. That’s a extreme right wing talking point designed to make people think aspects of socialism are somehow “bad.” Republican extremeists only regard “socialist” programs as being ok when they’re being applied to billionaire business people (trillion-dollar tax cuts).

      • beck0974

        So, you’re really overlooking all the crap directed towards Mr. and Mrs. Obama for eight years? All the crap written and said about his daughters for eight years? The obstructionist congress that pledge on Pres Obama’s first day in office that they would work to see him fail?

        We’re supposed to give a chance to the guy that spent the better part of SIX years claiming Pres Obama wasn’t a citizen and shouldn’t be president? Are you for real?

        We’re ONLY giving him as much of a chance as he and other Republicans gave President Obama. Why should they get special treatment and consideration???

        • DTT

          Amen Amen Amen

        • Seacruise Harrell

          Secause we are a forgiving people! {sarcasm}

      • SilkyJ

        Same chance he gave the kids from the Central Park Five right ? Oh wait thats right their lives are all still screwed up.

      • China Chyltown Finch

        If we never give him a chance and I hate the fact that he is potus but . Guess what he’s still the president.

        So why beat her up whether they backed out or they chose to perform…uhmm what did He’s still the President, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do.

        • Randevyn Piérre

          Not true. Read above and wake up.

      • To the World…STFU

        GTFOH simple coon ass wench!!!

      • belle

        Bridge the gap? She was trying to hide the fact that she was performing. It wasn’t until the NYT outted her that we found out.

      • IknowwhoIamwhataboutyou?

        How is she bridging the Gap? Did she talk to Donald Trump that night about why he took the Civil Rights page off of the Whitehouse website? Did she ask them why they want to cut the grants from the violence against women act? Did she ask him why every single day since Saturday they have come on television and lied about a material fact? Was singing at a ball that I think only black people attended something that changed anything? How ludicrous

  • F.Sankoh

    Okay. You’re STILL a Coon.

    • Ph.D

      Exactly…she should just shut up already.

  • 415diva

    My bad, did I need to ask permission 1st? Did Massa give you a tutorial on using alternative facts? My bad, coon. A coon by any other name is STILL a coon.

  • SpokenWisely

    This was a gracious move and I respect her for it. I stand with her. I love my country and even though I didn’t vote for Trump, unless you want to start a civil war that will bring nothing but strife and division, we all should do our best to unite for the cause of the people.Disrespecting our new president won’t gain you any access to a political platform that has the power to make a positive change. You who are sitting behind a computer/phone screen bashing Chrisette are doing nothing to positively impact your country. You are fueling a fire that will only burn down your own house. Complaints are spewed out like fuel, but what Chrisette did was compared to throwing water on a heated situation. You should find something to do that will be progressive as well.

    • Randevyn Piérre

      Are you paying attention to what’s happening right now? Where have you been for the past 6 months? There is already a war happening and non-white, non-wealthy people are the target! This isn’t about party lines or candidate favorites. This is about keeping America a tolerant, reasonable, sane and decent place to live for all people.

      We dont have to just accept this–there is PLENTY we can do about it; this “roll-over and go to sleep” passive mentality is what keeps us in the position of “victim.” It wasn’t the attitude of our predecessors, and it should not be our attitude now. We can continue to oppose Trump’s ableist, racist, fascist, misogynist, classless and unamerican administration and all the daily damage it is doing to our democracy.

      Chrissette Michelle made a POOR choice–and then insulted our intelligence by trying to explain it away with disjointed logic, and now with a nonsensical poem with irrelevant points.

      The bottom line is this is serious, and we all need to stand up against this fascist regime–especially our brothers and sisters with public platforms! Black folks are finally uniting and holding these celebrities from our community accountable for their socially irresponsible behavior (refreshing). CM is the one who now is going to have to accept our community’s collective outrage to her less than responsible choice–indefinitely.

      • Dee J-Christ

        We will never advance attacking one another like crabs in a bucket. The hatred I see not only towards Chrissette, but by some Black ppl against other Black ppl who chose to think for themselves, not follow the crowd, and get off the Democrat plantation is pathological and sickening to me. We are NOT free when we cannot choose what we believe in or what we think is best, without Blacks who disagree verbally and emotionally assassinating character, name Calli g, disowning from the race! Who else acts this inning?! Yes, IGNANT. Everybody doesn’t think or feel the same about every issue, and some if us ignore the person and vote according to the issues, not the personality. She’s a musician, she has a living to make, she accepted. This OVERREACTION from her own ppl is ridiculous. Can’t we ever say I disagree with her choice, but it’s hers to make His bless her, and DONE. SADLY, I haven’t seen it.

  • SumthinSweeter

    She tried it but most still and won’t be feeling her for a minute. Smh and I loved me some Chrisette Michele. This was not the way to “bridge” whatever you was trying to accomplish girl. He not only is a bigot, but a misogynistic ignorant, unqualified POS Cheetos colored embarrassment.

  • brotherhassan

    oh ok.

  • John Climax

    Writing and internet-posting a crappy poem the day after you sell your soul by singing and dancing for Cheeto Hitler is certainly her prerogative. I heard the check was for $250,000. I hope it clears (but with The Cheeto’s well-documented of history of not paying people, she would be smart to wait before making any big purchases).

    And I hope the money was worth it for her, and that she invests it wisely, because her decision was CAREER SUICIDE. I didn’t even know who she was before last week; and now the only thing I know (and will forever remember) about her is that she’s “the black woman who sang for the racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted, small-handed, conniving con-man that has full and loud support from White Supremacists at his poorly attended Inauguration Party.

    Hell popular, devoted “Token Black Lady Sellout” Stacy Dash just got canned from FOX NEWS, and she’s been cooning for racist white people like it’s her sacred duty for a while now — as quick as she got cut off from the people she thought would look out for her, does she think that singing for her supper is gonna get her a seat at the table in “the big house” with “Massa”?

    Sorry, Chrisette Michele: There’s only room for one “Token Black Girl” in this racist administration, and Omorosa took that spot a long time ago.

  • Chuck

    Chrisette is bipolar, just like her brother. She should just stfu and go away. No one was really buying her music anyway. She’s cashed the check, so there is nòthing else to say. She’s already phucked up the career that she never had, and should back off when speaking of Spike Lee.

  • Vera L. Cheeks

    Love you Chrisette..So tell us again why you decided to feed into the whitehouse hype, and sang..How in d hell did that bridge a gap?..Did you all come too some kind of resolution with your presence? Do tell…And by the way.. I love your creativity..But that poem was all over the place and way too long..Be blessed my dear the backlash won’t last always..But you had to know it was coming..

  • To the World…STFU

    I hope that $250,000 was worth it in exchange for your soul boo…..Take your thirsty ass on back to Trumpville…because we don’t want or need you here in Soulville…your black card has been revoked along with Stacey Dash and Omarosa’s…..

  • Laney

    Cooning is literally in nowadays huh…

  • Gary Burch

    You don’t have to be a political genius…you just have to admit the only reason you did it was them Tom Joyner cruise checks were thin.

  • Gary Burch

    Sold your folks out for 250k

  • Rambro

    Wah wah wah wah you’re a dumbass and will never sell another CD !

  • Yolanda Hinton

    No she didn’t bring up MLK while she played the fool…if she cared about that she wouldn’t have allowed them to play her like a fool..we knew this play and she fell for it anyway but talking about uniting..wtf

  • Phyllistein King

    I’m not a coon, but we get back what we dish out. We are the people of LOVE. We are so scarred, so heart broken. We need to focus on loving ourselves and each other again. Once we do this we will be in tune with the planet, and peace will cover the land, no matter what is going on, no matter what we may see. You see this thing is bigger than what is going on. They are keeping us angry, divided and out of tune and this is killing the planet, look around. This is their trickery and we keep falling for it. She is still my sister. Could no on one tell us nothing when we wanted to do what we wanted to do. This is her experience.And at the end of the day, I still love her no matter what. She is still our sister.

  • thelia cormier

    Wake up people, why boycott our people for wanting to get next to Trump. Remember keep our enemy’s close. If some of us are present we can keep an eye on what this fool is up to. Just like he pretends to care about us lets flip the switch and put our own spies in the white house. Make our presense known!

    • Charlesetta Brown

      Consequences & repercussions. Her choice. Each of us must give careful thought about what we do in this climate. I could understand if she had just said she needed the money.

  • Salim Nadir

    Get the words in the poem correct before being critical. She said “Whitehouse invites me, you call me their coon” NOT “you can call me their coon”. You made it sound like she was proud to be called a coon. I’m not for this sista’s decision but if we are gonna be critical get the facts right…btw…you messed up the lyrics elsewhere as well….smdh.

  • Miss Bee

    Just stop it!

  • Arucker

    ok. i got another gripe. the poem is mediocre at best and if she wasn’t famous this poem would get no burn whatsoever. her historical and social references are far reaching and provincial, imhop. her rhyme scheme and use of language basic. i am insulted as a poet. on the other hand, let’s address the delusions of grandeur. Her performing did nothing to improve trump’s relationship with african americans or vice-versa. this has nothing to do with king’s dream. this was more in line with the “bad check” he spoke of in the same speech that has been returned and marked “insufficient funds.” There was no great coming together or signs of unity. this at best was a trojan horse paycheck. Watch for what sneaks out in the night as we sleep. ijs

  • China Chyltown Finch

    not that you deserve a response b*tch. but I never said anything was wrong with protesting. I didn’t say don’t fight. we protested the inauguration and guess what b*tch.,,.it still went on with or with out. Your d*ick in the booty @$$ so quick to want to call someone a coon. Don’t try to insult me. I know what I’ve said. I didn’t say give him a chance neither. I said why beat her up! Whether we give him a chance or not, whether she sang or not…HE IS STILL THE PRESIDENT B*TCHES whether I like it or not(and I don’t)

    • GTFOH!

      You the type of b*tch that gets her ass kicked down a flight of stairs by her man and finds a way to blame yourself for not tucking’ and rollin’….lol.

      The same way as Jim Crow laws made your nigga ass 3/4 a human and no equal rights, we grown ups still fought because we wanted change…

      Even if the next day the law didn’t change.
      We fight for the long game .

      House n*ggas need to be put in place because a weak link can break the strongest of chains.

      You and Chrisette can sing for your supper for a man whose shown you over and over and over again, he ain’t trying to feed you.

      What are you waiting to see?
      This muthaf*kka to shoot you in the face directly?

      Take a seat somewhere and let the grown ups handle business.
      This seems to be above your IQ and pay grade


  • jd

    She had every right to sing at that rally! would I had done it? hell no but I will not knock her because I dont feed her! Quit judging her please!