(EXCLUSIVE) Suge Knight’s Son Says Explains Why His Father Should Be Released [INTERVIEW]

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(EXCLUSIVE) Suge Knight's Son Says Explains Why His Father Should Be Released (INTERVIEW)

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Suge Jacob Knight is speaking out. As previously reported, Suge Jacob the son of Marion “Suge” Knight (who is currently imprisoned for a fatal hit-and-run) is defending his father  after taking to social media to share his frustrations about how is being treated in jail. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Suge further explains how his father is being treated unfairly, the public’s biggest misconception about his father and why he should be released. Peep the interview below.

(EXCLUSIVE) Suge Knight's Son Says Explains Why His Father Should Be Released (INTERVIEW)

theJasmineBRAND: Can you describe how your father has been treated unfairly? And is there anyone in particular that you feel has been treating him unfairly?

Suge Jacob Knight: My father has been in solitary confinement for the entire time he has been incarcerated. Its almost like they’re trying to break his spirit. He doesn’t have access to obtain a lawyer of his choice and all communication from his family has been taken away from him. The DA “Bittle” or “Biddle” really has it for my father, it’s really questionable. He’s responsible for my fathers blood clots that almost killed him, not once but three times. He refuses to let the man heal and disregards the doctors orders, when told that this man is in no condition to be thrown back in solitary confinement.

(EXCLUSIVE) Suge Knight's Son Says Explains Why His Father Should Be Released (INTERVIEW)

Suge Jacob with his mother and brother

theJasmineBRAND: Have you been able to speak to your father about his condition in jail?

Suge Jacob Knight: No. Yesterday, (February 22nd), was the first time [I heard him] saying a few words (“I love you dad, don’t worry.”) to my father since he’s been locked up. Its been two years.

theJasmineBRAND: Does your father know that you planned to speak out about this situation?

Suge Jacob Knight: Yes. His lawyer told him about everything and my father gave him a note saying ‘Lil Suge: Thank you, now its time for you to be me. I know you can do it.’

theJasmineBRAND: Why do you think they’re treating him unfairly?

Suge Jacob Knight: I feel that they want to make an example out of this man, they want to break his spirit, and hopefully nobody is on payroll to satisfy someone’s evil agenda.

theJasmineBRAND: What’s the biggest misconception about your father?

Suge Jacob Knight: That he is a bully and a evil guy. They now label him as a murderer when really he is the exact opposite. I blame the hype that was focused on making Suge the feared man when he was the man about business.

(EXCLUSIVE) Suge Knight's Son Says Explains Why His Father Should Be Released (INTERVIEW)

theJasmineBRAND: Do you feel that your father should be released from prison? And if so, why?

Suge Jacob Knight: Yes. I know that he is an innocent man, the video clearly vouches for his self defense case. They still haven’t found anything to throw the book at him but there is enough evidence for him to be not guilty. This is why they’re treating him this way. Questionable, don’t you think?

theJasmineBRAND: On social media, I noticed that you’re working on a few projects. Can you tell us more about that?

Suge Jacob Knight: I’m currently working on real estate in California and building my own online streaming label. I filmed a couple of pilots for networks that’ll you see later on this year. Oh yea and Freeing Suge!

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