Tamar Braxton Denies Husband Vincent Herbert Has Secret Daughter, 1 Night Stand Before Wedding Night

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Tamar Braxton Denies Husband Vincent Herbert Has Secret Daughter, One Night Stand Before Wedding Night

Tamar Braxton Denies Husband Has Secret Daughter

A woman is claiming that she secretly had a 7-year-old daughter with music producer Vincent Herbert, who is married to singer and reality star Tamar Braxton. The mother of the alleged child posted a photo of the child claiming that she and Vincent had a one night stand the evening before his wedding to Tamar. The mother writes:

This is me n Vincent Herbert 7 year old daughter!!!!! She will be 8 on June 28th!!!! He had a one night Stand with me the night before his wedding and paid me to keep quiet! Now he refuses to support his child anymore so I have to take matters to social media. #tamarbraxton #PAYTHECHILDSUPPORTVINCE

Tamar Braxton Denies Husband Vincent Herbert Has Secret Daughter, One Night Stand Before Wedding Night

Tamar has responded with a lengthy social media post, denying that there is any truth to the woman’s allegations. She writes:

Let me be CRYSTAL clear before this untrue story gets out of hand … this lady is claiming that this beautiful child is Vincent Herbert’s…(on Instagram)?.. let me explain to you all what kind of WOMAN I am!! If this was.. she would be MINE as well.. she would be all over MY instagram, media outlets, pictures interviews etc.. because that’s the type of WOMAN I am. I’m not selfish and hateful that I would only recognize the child he has with ME!! I would NEVER hide that part of my husband because he is my husband not my property and I love EVERY parts of him!!! Ok?? I’m not and would NOT be ashamed of HIM or HIS children/child. Why would I want him to miss out on being a part of his daughter’s life?? Do you know how unpleased God would be and how that would effect OUR relationship in the end??… we would be DOOMED!!am I only supposed to talk about LOGAN?? Like, if this was his daughter that would make them siblings… and I would NEVER be so selfish and ashamed to not allow them to be who GOD has called them to be to each other!!! how would that make them feel about ME in years to come?? How WACK would I be?? And what kind of MAN would he be to allow such a disgusting woman just because I’m his so called wife to treat his kids as if they are less than OUR child!! I would punch myself in the face for that crud ball ass shit. All because I’m mad and uncomfortable with how she was conceived?? Listen ladies and gentlemen… don’t let NO ONE come in between you and your kids!! It’s not worth it!! And if they jealous of your kids they don’t love you and only want to control you!! ??for the hills… now back to this Instagram baby’s mother… GET YOUR LIFE!! The night before we got married he was over TONI BRAXTON’s house!!! And yes he USED to like white women but only the ones that look like Kelly ripka??????? and you don’t make the cut boo!! so please go to Maury and get your DNA cause ( in Maury’s voice) in the case of the instagram baby mama… you… are.. NOT the father!!! (Cut to) your ass running off the stage falling on the couch crying nooooooo get the cameras out of my face?? #happythursdayyall? #shitsandgiggles?

Tamar Braxton Denies Husband Vincent Herbert Has Secret Daughter, One Night Stand Before Wedding Night

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  • Birdie

    “Paid me to keep quiet. Now he refuses to support his child” wtf? Didn’t you just say he paid you, but obviously you money hungry and want more or want 18+ yrs of child support. Bitches are so dumb

    • Kimber

      Right! Did the last part really read now he refused to pay so I’m going to social media! WHY THOUGH! We can’t help you! Girl bye! Little girl cute though whomever child she is.

  • PhxAzBeauty

    Paternity test!! ?
    If Tamar is sooooo sure Vince didn’t cheat on her and father a child with someone else Then Vince and Tamar should take the initiative and get a blood test done, simple as that, Or is there a lil something to what this chick is saying…???

    • Geraldine Johnson

      I agree with you.

    • Samira Sadiq

      Why should they waste their time with that nonsense? She believes him so that’s all that matters.

      • PhxAzBeauty

        Why should they waste their time with nonsense.. Really..?? Personally speaking, If another woman is saying My Husband is the father of her child ((and Apparently he has done some shady things before)) Ummmm ?Red Flag I would get a DNA Test prove her wrong and clear Vince name Or is she scared to find out something she dont really wana know?

  • TrustTreesy Lewis

    Only thing to do is go to court that’s it !

  • Queen.

    I sure would hate to see if the child is his. That book she just wrote just showed how much of a ghetto chick she is. Goodness! Hell just shut the internet troll up with an DNA test all that other shit is for the birds… I never understood why people be so quick go prove themselves to other folks, like it’s gone make a bit of difference. Your husband need to take a DNA test. Men lie Women lie, but numbers don’t. Let’s see if he is 99.9999 percent not the father.

  • Simone Francois

    Beautiful child, no one knows all. Just saying.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    To set the record straight, Vince and Tamar should go and have the test taken and get this over with. NOW