Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby & Side Chick

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Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby & Side Chick

Jasmine Washington, Kirk & Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby

Love wins when it comes to reality stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. Rumor has it, despite reports that Kirk fathered a child outside of his marriage, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta couple are still together.

Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby & Side Chick

Jasmine Washington

As previously reported, Kirk allegedly had a child with a woman named Jasmine Washington. If you’ve watched this season of the hit Vh1 show, then you’ve witnessed the storyline. Sources say that Rasheeda is still with Kirk, despite the allegations:

Rasheeda’s invested has so much of her life into Kirk that she can’t help but believe him. 

Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby & Side Chick

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda

An insider continues,

That’s her man, her world, and she loves him. Her entire life and her ability to trust anyone, especially a man, would come crumbling down if Kirk’s the father of [Jasmine]’s baby. It was a huge blow to Rasheeda’s spirit and she’d start unraveling quickly. She’s sticking by her man. She has to to keep her sanity and her life in check.

We’re told Kirk and Jasmine are keeping it top secret as to whether or not they’ve taken a paternity test. Sources tell us that VH1’s production team wants to do the big reveal on the show or at the reunion.

Rasheeda Staying With Kirk Frost Amidst Alleged Baby & Side Chick

Rasheeda and Kirk have been married for 17 years and they share two children together. The couple nor Jasmine have yet to comment publicly.

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  • donna

    She never left Kirk

  • Eve D.

    She needs to at least “separate” until the DNA test shows that he’s the father or not, Kirk will continue to cheat, disrespect and violate that relationship because he NEVER suffer’s any consequences. This is not the 1st time he’s cheated on her, but because there is no repercussions and no real scare of leaving him, he continues with his manipulative womanizing behavior.

    Rashida…..”boss chick”, babe if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! I’ve been where you are, you owe him nothing if he violates your union. You will carry that bittnerness and distrust for years until you bring sickness upon your own body. It’s never healthy to stay in a toxic relationship! Your children want to see you in a vibrant healthy relationship, not one of disrespect and distrust.

    Praying for you.

  • Shelly

    Everyone always has something to say about what SOMEBODY else should do in their relationship. No 1 can tell Rasheeda what she should do. That’s her team life. This is not just for a reality show now. She’s been married to him since she was darn near a teen. I understand what she’s goin thru bcuz my mom went thru the same. I’m the oldest child but have 3 younger siblings & my parents have been married since I was 6mos old, I’m now 45 yrs old. I also know plenty of marriages that have gone thru the same problem & these are marriages that have now been going on for more than 40 yrs. As much as we don’t wanna know or hear this, but when women of a certain generation got married & something like this happens they were encouraged to stay in their marriages. For better or worse, maybe Rasheeda is that kind of woman & nothing is wrong w/ that, because it’s HER MARRIAGE!

    • Mrs. King

      So she’s suppose to keep letting this man humiliate her over and over again. He doesn’t even have the decency to use protection. I understand being loyal, but she’s being a fool. He’s going to bring her something that doesn’t have a cure.

      • Pamela Barnwell

        You are speaking THE TRUTH right here Mrs. King!!

      • Shelly

        I understand how you feel, but it’s not your marriage. Rasheeda has to be able to decide what’s best for her & her family. If she does stay w/ him that their life. It has no effect on us. That’s what I’m saying!

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      For better or worse is Good but when we take vow we Dont say cheat all you want and I have to be the faithful wife lesson is you cheat you have a bill to pay and I have a list of charge

      • Shelly

        Rasheeda being or not being w/ Kirk has no affect on us! Whether or not she chooses to stay w/ Kirk is her life. I’m not saying him cheating is right. What I’m saying is that it’s up to Rasheeda and not the audience viewers to make that decision.

  • DeeDoubleU

    Fellas it’s alright to sniff a bitch every now and then but bringing a child in the world shows you have no respect with the one you’re with. You got to be loyal to somebody Rasheeda you can do better.

    • sonna

      Fucking Someone else is disrespectful enough let alone conceiving a baby

      • DeeDoubleU

        No its not if that couple have an understanding that they are not in a monogamous relationship no harm no foul. But in Kirk defense something must not be peaches and cream at home for him to entertain the thought to mess over a beautiful woman like Rasheeda.

        • sonna

          Ok so clearly there was no agreement or understanding or she wouldn’t have been crying and upset and nothing has to be wrong for a person to cheat…Clearly there’s no real love there if they’re cheating……And remember this sweetie A majority of the shit is FAKE anyway and I really could care less I just gave my opinion like everyone else

          • DeeDoubleU

            Agree part of it is fake however Women are quick to judge the man of the relationship. Kurt might have tried to have a wonderful life with Rasheeda but she could’ve been rejecting him the entire time. Remember this there’s 3 sides to a story. Not all men cheat to put another notch on there bed post. Some are really looking for that companionship

  • Barbara

    Kirks breast are damn near bigger than his wife damn !!!!!!

  • Cyn

    You know, it’s hard to say what you would do in a situation, especially if you’ve never had to face it. I will say that there is life after an affair. God can repair any marriage. If the two involved in the marriage deem it to be savable, nobody’s else’s opinion should matter. I am a proponent of marriage and it is my hope that they can work it out.

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    She doesn’t have to divorce him but put him out and let him think she will , he needs to be punished, turn the table on him like he would do on her get him sister

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    He a dog for real and a cheater and a liar , She needs to leave him for good measure than she can take him back later . if he’s faith ful

  • Shantel Lane

    Folks kill me it always easier when your on the outside looking in ….true sometimes you should walk away but if you been with a person so long that not so easy to do….it says for better or worse if it was my husband until death would most definitely be why we was to part ..you never know how far you go or how much you take until your really in love with someone.and the funny thing is everyone who got something to criticize or something rude to say i can almost guarantee that they will fight for they marriage to ..