Nicki Minaj Poses In A Thong, Teasing New Merch For ‘We Go Up’ Single

Nicki Minaj Poses In A Thong, Teasing New Merch For ‘We Go Up’ Single

Nicki Minaj has released new merchandise as she continues to celebrate the success of “We Go Up,” her new song with Fivio Foreign.

The Pink Friday rapper, 39, revealed the line on April 6 in an Instagram post. It included a photo of Nicki Minaj posing in a black robe that says, “tell these b*tches give my drip back,” and wearing hot pink heels. Other items include a t-shirt, a trucker hat, a “Nicki” hoodie, and a thong, among other things. The collection is available now on her website,

“We Go Up” is one of several songs that Nicki Minaj has dropped in the lead-up to her fifth studio album. She hasn’t released an album since 2018’s Queen but insists that her next one is coming soon.

Discussing the vibe of the album, she said:

“There’s a little bit of full-circledness happening, because I’m creating music kinda like how I used to create music when I first started rapping on mixtapes. Which is just having a great experience, enjoying it, being in the moment, staying present in the moment and seeing what happens.”

Nicki Minaj Queen Radio

She teased there would be hints of “Mixtape Nicki” and music to make listeners tap into “their inner bad b*tch.”

She explained:

“I just feel like that’s what’s needed right now. Like, oh my God! What I do is write raps that connect with people, that make people want to sign a long and channel their inner bad bitch … I love giving that good energy to people and make them feel like, ‘Yo, I’m speaking for you.’”

Until then, she’s blessing fans with new merch.

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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart