Jada Pinkett-Smith Slams ‘All Eyez On Me’: How they portrayed my relationship w/ Tupac is hurtful.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Bashes New Tupac Film

Jada Pinkett-Smith is publicly criticizing the new Tupac film, ‘All Eyez On Me’. Jada, who had a relationship with the late rapper, alleges that the film didn’t accurately portray their relationship. See her tweets below.

She ends her tweets by wishing the slain rapper a Happy Birthday.

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  • Bri

    It seems like they only got the small stuff wrong. Idk, it could be worse.

    • Mo’BettaBlues

      I agree! These are minor details that helped tell a story that he left for LA. Making a mountain outta a molehill!

  • loriS

    I didn’t know that a person’s story could be changed until I saw the movie about the Temptations. Having known personally I was shocked at how the story was altered.

  • deepdimples1975

    I understand how Jada feels. Pac and Jada shared a tight bond and to lose him the way she did was deeply hurtful to her. And that’s why she wants the portrayal of their friendship to be accurate. And y’all know how Pac was. If it’s important to Jada, then it would be important to him. And he sure wanted anything told about him to be accurate. So I agree with Jada!

  • ?Blaq BarBee?

    Why didn’t she give her input in the making then? Maybe, her version was boring and for dramatic purposes in “hollyweird” they needed to add interest. *hunches shulders*

  • Rose Ferrell

    Jada thanks for your feedback, God is good!

  • Robert Green

    She is too thirsty, and petty.