Beating Your Face 101: Tips, Misconceptions & Secrets for A Glam Spring & Summer Face


It is officially Spring and with that comes short shorts, tank tops, and maxi dresses galore. But the one essential piece to a good look is having a gorgeous, camera-ready face. Aida Danielle and Amberly Olguin, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Aida Cosmetics, founded their cosmetics company 5 years ago and have made a name for themselves in the beauty industry.


Aida Cosmetics Owners

They recently shared with us a little background info and a few tips for letting your inside beauty shine bright like a diamond. Check out the Q&A session below:

1. When did you fall in love with doing make up?

We fell in love with makeup as young girls. Aida grew up with a very sophisticated and classy mother which led to her love and attraction for makeup. In contrary, Amberly grew up figuring out makeup on her own because her mother was really not into beauty and fashion, so her inspiration came from watching celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston on TV.

2. What advice do you have for young women trying to begin their own business?

As business owners, we always encourage young women to pursue their dreams and start their own business if that’s what they strive for. Our advice is to stay persistent, to always network, and never give up no matter the obstacles or how discouraging their surrounding(s) can be.

3. What’s the simplest way to do the smokey eye look?

There are many techniques to do the smokey eye look but to achieve a simple and easy look all you’ll need to have an eyeliner, a smokey eyeshadow of your choice (black, brown, navy blue, deep green, purple), a highlight eyeshadow of your choice (preferably shimmering gold, white or champagne shades), a pointy smudge brush, blending brush and an eyeshadow brush and some mascara and/or false lashes if you want a more dramatic smokey eye.

Step 1: line your eyes with the soft eyeliner, then use the smudge brush to smudge it out.
Step 2: use the same smudge brush to apply the darkest eyeshadow color over the place that you just smudged the liner.
Step 3: use the blending brush and blend the dark color upward from the crease to the lid. This will give the smoky effect of your eyes. Blending is crucial in obtaining the smokey eyes look!
Step 4: use the eye shadow brush, apply the highlighting shimmer eyeshadow color underneath the eyebrows. Then use the blending brush to blend the highlighting color downward in order to erase the lines. The secret to perfect eye makeup is to not be able to tell where it starts or when it finishes.
Step 5: curl your lashes with an eyelash curler then apply 2 coats of mascara. If you want a more dramatic look add false lashes and then apply mascara on you own eyelashes.

4. What’s the biggest mistake women make when applying makeup?

Women should avoid applying thick layers of makeup. It very important to keep the face fresh and young. Often women select the wrong foundation and concealer colors for their complexion.

5. I’ve always heard that it’s TERRIBLE to sleep in make-up. What are some practices that are terrible for your skin?

Other than sleeping with makeup on, another bad practice that’s terrible for the skin is to keep makeup products for too long. Most women are unaware of how long they should keep their product for. To avoid any skin breakout or eye irritation, women should evaluate their makeup and cosmetics bag every couple of months and go through important items that are often used on the face and on/or around the eye area, such as foundation, mascara, and brushes. Mascara expires the fastest. Throw it out after 3 months. Replace your eye shadows every 3-5 months to keep your eyes from getting infected, red or itchy. Replace foundation, if water-based, in 12 months and, if oil-based, up to 18 months.
Throw out makeup brushes after 5-7 months.

6. What are the best make-up removers?

It’s important to have good products to remove your makeup. We recommend Clinique naturally eye makeup remover or Avon.

7. Are there any make-up secrets I can find in my everyday home products? And does the cucumber thing REALLY work?

Yes, the cucumber for your eyes really works and helps reduce swelling, puffiness or big dark circles under and around the eyes. Another home product secret is lemon or lime. Lemon exfoliates, rejuvenates and works as a great cleanser for your skin, particularly for oily or combination skin.

8. What colors or trends are popping this summer?

Makeup trends are often inspired by the fashion and runways shows. This summer 2013 we should expect colorful eye liners, long lashes and shimmery shadows. We predict a more matte look for the lips with pink or nude shades. We also noticed during NY fashion week lots of blue and green… who knows, blue may be this summer’s color!

9. What’s the top 3 beauty essentials every woman needs in her purse?

Every woman should always have in her purse: a mascara, lipgloss and blusher.

10. Should my makeup change with the seasons? For instance, foundations–do we need to adjust those when the weather changes?

Well a new season always means a new beauty trend, so yes the makeup should also adjust to the season and fashion trends. The foundation should also change, more so during winter and summer if you get darker or lighter during these seasons. If your complexion slightly changes, you can also add a lighter or darker bronzer.

11. Dark eye circles, how can I cover them up?

The best way to conceal and cover up eye circles is to use the right products. Foundation Primers really works and helps prevent cakey makeup. Many women think that the way to hide dark circles is to apply tons of foundation; but really all you need is the right primer, a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone and your coverage foundation. If you are unsure about what type of primer to use, try our “Camera ready foundation primer”. Step 1: apply a thin layer of primer under each eye using your ring finger and gently pat out the primer under your eyes. Step 2: using your ring finger again or a thin shadow brush, apply your concealer all over the dark area and continue until you have a smooth and even layer under your eyes. Step 3: this is the final and important step, gently apply your cream or powder foundation under your eyes and make sure to be blend it with the rest of your face.

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